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I just wanted to say I think anonymousMy Greek Adoption4 years 50 weeks
More benighted quackery anonymousReactive Attachment Disorder: A New Understanding5 years 23 weeks
The majority of this article anonymousLost in Delhi, adopted in US, girl hunts for her family4 years 42 weeks
What happened to my brother once he was adopted? anonymousSeymour Kurtz: an update4 years 47 weeks
Is This For Real? anonymousConecuh County couple charged in child abuse4 years 46 weeks
first of all anonymousSome women driven to ‘baby addiction’5 years 7 weeks
Third Annual Demons of Adoption Award Nominations anonymousThird Annual Demons of Adoption Award Nominations4 years 32 weeks
Minimize Damage anonymousHigh-flying diplomat's China girl4 years 49 weeks
THE LDS CHURCH IS GOD ON anonymousJudge has mercy on Samoan adoption scam defendants; no prison time5 years 7 weeks
Incest anonymousSexual Abuse - Sibling5 years 12 weeks
I think it's really anonymousIt's NOT funny, but in a sick twisted way, it is5 years 19 hours
we live the same shit anonymousChristopher Slitor to VA State Reps5 years 11 weeks
Jonestown anonymousNo miracles for town that heeded adoption call4 years 51 weeks
attachment therapy anonymousBid to help the other stolen generation4 years 35 weeks
From the web site CONSULTING anonymousThe Emperor strikes back: Pound Pup Legacy shut down over information about Ronald Federici5 years 10 weeks
MIke why it matters anonymousWhat is an R.A.D. Rage like?4 years 33 weeks
I thought you'd like to see anonymousNot for Profit?4 years 50 weeks
False Reporting- Sorry it is so long anonymousFalse reports of abuse should be dealt with harshly5 years 9 weeks
Says Who? anonymousPurgatory5 years 3 weeks
my family was one of their victims :( anonymousDo you embrace or reject RAD as a formal diagnosis?4 years 34 weeks
I was looking into anonymousReport: Michigan relies too much on foster care5 years 8 weeks
ON THE OTHER SIDE anonymousadoption hurts - truth ignored4 years 49 weeks
kamerons murder anonymousDEAD TOT'S FAMILY BLASTS UTAH'S FOSTER-CARE SYSTEM4 years 45 weeks
Not uncommon.......sadly...... anonymousA Dad's Adoption Nightmare4 years 39 weeks
Focus on Children Scott and Karen Banks anonymousIrvine student's research – and life – inspired by missing child5 years 12 weeks

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