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Oh Crikey. Well, that is actually good news Marion_CullenAren't Dr visits so much freaking fun?!?!?7 years 10 weeks
Oh hum............. Umbilical childCoincidence in placement of events?8 years 49 weeks
OH NO! not again... TeddyInfidelity, infertiltiy and secretly kept obsessions and addictions8 years 8 weeks
Oh well it's f'ed, then Marion_CullenDo you like me for ME, or what!5 years 40 weeks
Oh! Did you think I was kimetteFrom my island8 years 18 weeks
ok Teddyabandonment issues9 years 13 weeks
ok let me clairify clay1the hand I was dealt10 years 36 weeks
Ok now i see what you meant clay1the hand I was dealt10 years 36 weeks
okay but almost_humanSo much for Unification....9 years 16 weeks
oldie... Teddysimple site statistics- 8 years 9 weeks
omg.... KerryFrom my island8 years 17 weeks
on an eloquent roll almost_humantruths-ah wait-Truths-with a capital T.9 years 14 weeks
On AP smell AnonymousWhat's taking place in that adoptive home?5 years 41 weeks
One (tough) question... Kerrywhat's in a name-8 years 9 weeks
One (tough) question...and tougher Nobodys'girlwhat's in a name-8 years 9 weeks
one did... Teddyugh8 years 17 weeks
One in a quadra-gazillion KerryIn my own mind8 years 40 weeks
one is a lonely number, eleven is a football team NielsSilence on Case of Stolen Children 7 years 47 weeks
One thing is clear though silent1Another Adoption Tragedy7 years 12 weeks
Only a stab? Can't we have a massacre? NielsAnyone want to take a stab at THIS one....?9 years 10 weeks
Ooh! Marion_CullenGarbage Bags and US Foster Kids7 years 41 weeks
Ooooh NielsHiya8 years 34 weeks
open letter to my husband... Teddy"Did you like it?"8 years 9 weeks
opinions Nielsopinions7 years 2 weeks
Opportunities missed and deliberately passed up Marion_CullenDo you like me for ME, or what!5 years 40 weeks

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