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Life-Experience Kerry"The road to hell is paved with good intentions"10 years 17 weeks
lifestyle choices NielsWhen is a Big Family Too Big?9 years 43 weeks
Limits and boundaries KerryFinding My Biological Family6 years 51 weeks
LMFFAO KerryThe Joy of School Shopping...8 years 45 weeks
LMFFAO KerryReactions to people in vulnerable situations7 years 48 weeks
Longing for "something different" KerryLinks to personal favs8 years 44 weeks
Looking into the dark, Intercountry Adoptions AnonymousAdoption is legalized child trafficking8 years 26 weeks
looking it over Kerry"Did you like it?"8 years 45 weeks
Looks good KerryLife Unexpected8 years 24 weeks
Lost: interest and effort KerryThis stuff scares me9 years 1 week
Lots of Ginger and Ginseng BizziBad Craziness9 years 33 weeks
Lots of Losses Kerryat what time did your grieving begin? has it ever ended?9 years 47 weeks
Lucky 13! KerryAre you a lucky bastard?10 years 49 weeks
Major Dad nominations and awards in Adoptionland KerryMajor dad: Vance officer is finalist for national fatherhood award 7 years 11 weeks
make her beg for more, eh? KerryHere's to Late Discoveries11 years 24 weeks
Making adjustments KerryThe ONE11 years 2 weeks
Making and Creating Kerryabandonment issues9 years 48 weeks
making contact KerryRetaliatory removals7 years 29 weeks
Making the clear distinction KerryI hate9 years 33 weeks
Man, sorry to hear about this Marion_CullenAren't Dr visits so much freaking fun?!?!?7 years 48 weeks
Many APs on forums or on FB AnonymousWhat's taking place in that adoptive home?6 years 25 weeks
Marvellous what they could do with a little help from God RobinAny thoughts?10 years 13 weeks
Masterbation Nobodys'girl"Did you like it?"8 years 45 weeks
Maybe I'm just tired! almost_humanhmm?9 years 48 weeks
me too almost_humanDear Diary9 years 45 weeks

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