Case archives

In these case archives information is maintained about various issues in child placement. Cases are accompanied by news paper articles and official documentation.

Number of posts per case archive

Case type Number of cases
Abuse cases 643
Child trafficking cases 156
Coerced adoption cases 10
Father's rights violations 18
Wrongful removal cases 15
Disrupted placement cases 49
Wrongful medication cases 13
Deportation cases 34
Total 938

Most recent cases

Boy adopted by Melvin and Kenya BloomingburgAbuse case2014-07-03
Koystya ThyssenAbuse case2014-06-25
Girl in foster care with Geelong manAbuse case2014-05-01
Boy and girl adopted by Eraca Dawn Craig and Christian Jessica DeandaAbuse case2014-03-21
Madoc Hyunsu O'CallaghanAbuse case2014-02-03
Boy adopted by John A. KelleyAbuse case2013-12-16
Girl adopted by Zhuzhou coupleAbuse case2013-12-10
Ten year old girl in NewcastleAbuse case2013-11-23
Girl adopted by a Malaysian coupleAbuse case2013-11-19
Asunta Yong Fang Basterra PortoAbuse case2013-09-27
Two childen adopted by woman from Mendon, UtahAbuse case2013-09-26
Children adopted by Dave and Wonda DixonAbuse case2013-08-21
Children adopted by Lev Dzyuba and his wifeAbuse case2013-08-15
Erica ParsonAbuse case2013-07-30
Boy adopted by Lee M Rager and Diana J. HaleyAbuse case2013-07-22
Three children adopted by Phillip and Kimberly LoeschAbuse case2013-07-15
Boy adopted by Rachel Tipton and her husbandAbuse case2013-07-12
Children adopted by Matthew and Melissa DumontAbuse case2013-07-10
Faisal, 5 year old in guardianship with a Saudi manAbuse case2013-06-21
2 children adopted by Erin and Jennifer PickelAbuse case2013-06-14
Children adopted by Janelle GertschAbuse case2013-05-01
Jeremy Simmons (baby Deseray case)Fathers rights violation2013-05-01
Girl in UK, forced to become pregnantAbuse case2013-04-28
Girls adopted by Onyeka Lucy AsonyeAbuse case2013-04-19
Girls adopted by a Devon coupleAbuse case2013-04-11
Buddy CookAbuse case2013-03-22
Children adopted by Damien and Allonna StovallAbuse case2013-03-21
Girl adopted by LianAbuse case2013-03-06
Children adopted by Donald and Linda HannahAbuse case2013-02-14
3 children adopted by Mark and Susan HooperAbuse case2013-02-01
Girl adopted by Cindy PatriarchiasAbuse case2013-01-28
Girl adopted by man in BermudaAbuse case2013-01-24
Max Shatto (Maxim Kuzmin)Abuse case2013-01-21
Girl adopted by Jerome Mitchell and Hermina Ibarra Abuse case2013-01-16
Two children adopted by Ingrid BrewerAbuse case2013-01-15
Boy adopted by a British Columbia manAbuse case2013-01-01
Terry AchaneFathers rights violation2012-12-03
Baby Girl in foster case with Wilson Lee Tubbs IIIAbuse case2012-12-02
Teenage foster girl in Newcastle NSWAbuse case2012-11-30
Children adopted by Nikki and Larry RussellAbuse case2012-11-27
Primary school-aged foster girl in Newcastle, AustraliaAbuse case2012-11-23
Girls adopted by Tiffany and Dennis JackAbuse case2012-11-19
Girl adopted by Silver Springs Shores coupleAbuse case2012-11-15
Alexander LawsAbuse case2012-11-10
Children adopted by Paul and JoAnn DrakeAbuse case2012-11-08
Boy adopted by Mona and Russell HauerAbuse case2012-11-06
Boy in foster care of Sharanda HammockAbuse case2012-11-04
Girl adopted by Dorothea VegaAbuse case2012-11-02
Girls adopted by Flagstaff AZ manAbuse case2012-11-02
Amy Rebecca SteenDisrupted placement case2012-11-01

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