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China adoption - worldwide silence

Yeah, folks, live ain't easy for the adoption world.

The Hunan scandal had nicely dried up without too much damage.  Olympics may slow down China this year, but no doubt next year the business will pick up again.

Romania’s orphans – millions of euro at stake

from: sfin.ro

Many European organizations involved in a forceful lobby for the resumption of international adoptions

October 9, 2006
Robert Veress
Saptamana Financiara

United Adoptees International

Since a while there is a new - strong - voice in the world of adoption.

United Adoptees International are speaking out.  The children have grown up...


It is not easy to force a country giving up its children for adoption. It needs perseverance, bribes (sorry: aid projects), some legal advice to change the laws. And it needs to maintain that country's image of not being able to look after their children, of not being a place where people grow up save.

But luckily there is the worldwide media that can help on this pivotal mission.

European Parliament joins the ICA crowd

Hidden in a long Resolution of the European Parliament are some troubling recommendations to the European Commission. It is about the drafting of the EU Strategy for Children's rights.

Widely adopted by a large majority of the European Parliament, on 16 January, and probably not understood by many. At least that's what I hope, otherwise the world is even more evil than I thought.

Disappearance of newborn babies for illegal adoption in Europe

Taken with permission from www.romania-forexportonly.blogspot.com

Do those people ever think about the mothers, the families, the children?

No, it is all about getting children for adoption - and legalising a perfect agency run adoption industry.
Exploitation of the poor, modern slavery, child laundering - you choose!

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