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Utah Adoption Council



Person Relation type Date from Date to
Kathy Searle Employed by
Larry S Jenkins Employed by
Jill Ekstrom Member
Lori A. Laird Member
Lance Rich ldrich President
Marty Shannon President
Sharon Cottle President
Susan Egbert President
Yvonne M. Johanson President

The Utah Adoption Council was formed in 1981 by area adoption agencies to help lighten the load of the foster care system by advocating positive, permanent homes and families for foster children.  The initial goals of the Council were to educate the community about adoption and promote awareness and understanding.

The Utah Adoption Council has expanded to include birth parents, adoptive parents, adoptees, adoption agencies, adoption attorneys and community support groups. 

The Council is governed by an Executive Committee with a representative birth parent, adoptive parent, adoptee and agency representative.


302 West 5400 South
Suite 208