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Last Thursday, March 14th, a Waseca couple was charged with felony criminal neglect of a child. 34-year-old Katie Krause and 38-year-old Keith Krause were both charged with two felonies relating back to a September 2018 event. Katie Krause was charged with felony neglect or endangerment of a child and felony neglect of a child resulting in substantial harm/physical or emotional damage. Keith Krause was charged with two felony counts of neglect of a child resulting in substantial harm/physical or emotional damage.

The charging document filed in Waseca County Court, on September 29, 2018, the Waseca County Sheriff's Office was notified of a possible child abuse situation of a 7-year-old. North Mankato police had responded to a medical call involving the 7-year-old victim having a possible seizure. The police transported the child to a Mankato hospital where staff there felt that the child was a victim of chronic child abuse due to bruises located on the child, and the child's overall condition.

The child was taken to St Mary's Hospital in Rochester for additional care. A St. Mary's doctor informed law enforcement of several concerns regarding the 7-year-old including: 'bruising in several parts of the body, rectal bleeding, a pelvic fracture, low weight or possible malnourishment.' The doctor also stated in the charging documents that the child 'had the body weight of a 2-year-old.'

The victim told law enforcement and a child protection agent that she often had to 'eat crumbs off the table' and if she was bad, had to do 'jumping jacks for 15 minutes' or until she was told to stop. The victim also stated that if she was being punished during meal time she had to be done eating when her siblings were also done.

Both Keith and Katie Krause when asked by law enforcement how the injuries had occurred with the victim, they were unsure as to what could have taken place. They both indicated that the victim had recently fallen off her bicycle that caused some scrapes on the child. It was also noted that the child was very underweight, and they were not sure what had caused the weight loss. At the time the child was admitted to the hospital she weighed 28.2 lbs as stated in the charging documents.

The charging document also stated that some of the child's injuries were consistent with what doctors see in shaken children.

Katie Krause is due to appear in court on April 2nd. Keith Krause is also expected in Waseca court on April 2nd.

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