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Family for You - CCC page

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Child Care Centre (CCC) in Addis Ababa

We need your support!

Project partner
  • family for you Ethiopia
  • Ethiopian Social Security Ministry in Addis Ababa
  • Ministry Of Woman Affairs (MOWA)

    Project coordinator

  • in Ethiopia: family for you Ethiopia

  • inn Austria: Andrea Cervenka, Birgit Meisterl, family for you

  • Project Description

    In February 2006 family for you opened a fully equipped orphanage in Addis Ababa. In the so-called „Child Care Centre“ (CCC) 10 orphans between 4 and 12 years old are currently  being brought up. The rent of this home has been financed by an investment fund sponsor.

    These orphans, who were previously either living on the street or with befriended families, have found in this orphanage not only a secure accommodation but also a real “home“.

    Six nannies, a doctor and three helpers care for the ten children round the clock. The visit to a nearby private school is a door into a whole new world for the children. In the afternoon the children carry out their tasks with enthusiasm with their carers. They sleep in two rooms with steel-framed beds. Regular doctor visits are part of their daily routine, and are financed for a limited period.

    Toys, school materials, clothing and necessary medicines are part of the original outfitting of the home. Current donations are used for kitchen equipment, refurbishing a study and laundry  room, as well as medical supplies and clothing for the children.

    This project is being developed in agreement and cooperation with the Ministry of Work and Ethiopian business concerns.

    If you are interested in supporting our work in Ethiopia, please turn to family for you.

    Thank you for your help!