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Working with outdated information


In January of this year the Russian Ministery of Education (MoE) submitted a list of agencies that had been delinquent in submitting required post placement reports. Several bloggers on the internet have already paid attention to it months ago, but it wasn't until yesterday, that I got myself to adding that information to our database. I am glad I have done this, because I was able to learn about several organizations I'd never heard of, but it also showed me how outdated the information is the Russian government works with.

The list producted by the MoE contains several agencies that have not been in business for quite some time, other agencies have moved their offices years ago and some have changed their names. I managed to track back the entries as provided by the Russian authorities, but it took me more than a day to make the appropriate corrections.

Which leaves me with a simple rhetorical question: how two countries cooperate properly when even contact information is not properly maintained?

by Niels on Friday, 21 August 2009