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"Take my daughter, please.... (in exchange for some cash, meat and beer)"


I'm always a big fan of the articles that feature parents doing stupid things at the expense of their kids... today's find features the story of a man who was trying to arrange the marriage of his 14 year old daughter to an 18 year old "man", who was willing to pay $16,000 cash, 100 cases of Corona (and various other beverages) and several cases of meat for said child-bride.  [See:  Man accused of selling daughter for cash, beer ]

It seems (from what I heard earlier on the radio) the father went to police, complaining he did not receive all the meat promised him.   (Another article states he went to police because he wanted to report his daughter was a run-away.) The father was arrested by police on Sunday, suspected  for human trafficking.  The 18 year old was arrested for get this:  suspected statutory rape. 

So here's the million dollar question:  which would you want to go home to -- the dad who sold you for cash, beef and beer, or the man who was able to come-up with all of that?

by Kerry on Tuesday, 13 January 2009