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Views of children in foster care


For those interested, Australia's Commission for Children and Young People and Child Guardian published a recent report called "Views of Children and Young People in Foster Care".  [http://www.ccypcg.qld.gov.au/about/publications/ViewsChildrenYoungPeopleinCare.html]

This 142 page document boasts, "This survey is landmark research not done anywhere else in Australia or overseas.    It is the largest study of its kind that involves the direct participation of children and young people in alternative care.  This results in a very rich dataset that has the power to provide information and show trends over time on a broad range of topics within alternative settings."

Among the summary of findings, the following are issues/complaints that have been made by the children.  Many:

  • have experienced several placement changes
  • would like more contact with their family
  • are not able to do the sort of things that their friends not in care can do
  • do not have the confidence that, if the Department of Child Safety promises them something, it will happen
  • are not able to get permission from the Department in time to do things
  • do not think they are listened to
  • do not have a say in decisions that affect them

 In a similar report, "View of Young People in Residential Care", I was surprised/glad to read one simple comment that made the study.  In response to the question:  "If you have lots of different workers for you, does that cause problems for you?"

One answer to that was, "I hate people coming and going".

Should that really surprise any adult?

by Kerry on Saturday, 23 August 2008