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The story of our lives


The Pound Pup phrase developed from a conversation two parents had one day, as they were describing their feelings about their personal experience among new and different family-trees.  In other words, these adults were adoptees, and they were comparing their life-stories, hoping to find commonality between two very different family experiences.  A visual-theme developed in the form of two puppies living in a shelter, waiting and wanting to be chosen by a new loving couple looking to buy a new family-member to complete their happy home.  What resulted, in the minds of these adults, was two runt mutts being left behind because they were not cute or smart enough to attract the attention of the Ideal Family each once dreamed when they were young.  Great relief came from these two people, knowing they were not alone with these very solitary thoughts and feelings about their own adoption-stories. 

We seem to live in a world where nearly every act has standards of practice, rules of conduct and documents of authenticity, with support groups for each of these entities. Naturally, many of us feel it 's absurd to belong to a herd of  humans born into a system of planned parenting where hidden secrets, lies and forced-to-forget family facts and origins are the rules, not the exceptions.  (Do you know your Family History? )  Only the Adoptee has no community group to call all it's own;  Only the adoptee must share all aspects of our living-experience with three or four-sides to a family circle.

There is inconsistency in standards of care. There are no statistics kept of adoptee success-rate, and more disturbing is the absence of follow-up study regarding a child's final placement among strangers.  (United States adoption stats)

What is the divorce rate of adoptees?  Suicide rate?  Criminal rate?  All are unknowns, just like our past-parents.  What remains for some taken into violent or disturbed families is a profound absence of protective love promised a baby by his/her own mother. (Hands of a stranger)

PPL is where blogs, forums and articles of interest explore the roots of pathological parenting, asking, "How do we  break free from role-modeled tradition that hurts it's own children?"

We believe more attention needs to be brought to the adult adoptee abandoned by sound, moral foster care and adoption practices. When a child is adopted, higher standards of care and accountability need to follow each step one mother's child takes in the house of a stranger. No child deserves to be hurt, then ignored by the people who placed him among abusers of many-kinds.

by Kerry on Thursday, 10 May 2007