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Animal within

I am a shapechanger with limited range.

According to the Meyers Briggs personality test I am an INFP, but almost an INFJ, with occasional forays into INTJ or INTP.

According to that makes me a meercat who sometimes transforms into a wolf, although I have also been known to assume the form of an owl or an octopus.

I wish I could look like a cat or a fox or a deer or a horse because I think that they're beautiful, and I always want to be beautiful and be surrounded by beauty. Ugliness hurts me. I often feel like a bear or a toad or a warthog in my body although I have had glimpses of how it must feel to be a leopard or a gazelle. I am good at climbing trees, but afraid of ladders and I am nothing like a monkey.

During the medieval period I had a melancholic temperament and spent each day reading from the Anatomy of Melancholy.

From the beginning of time I have been working (disorganized, amidst chaos and procrastination, in fits and starts, experimentally jumping from one approach to another) on discovering how to become an imaginary (and by imaginary I mean "ideal", in the Platonic sense) animal, such as a dragon or unicorn. Something pure and lit from within by a white hot flame, or the clean clear light refracted from falling mountain water. Something that can tesseract and moves with grace. Something that could find a home in Narnia or Middle Earth or in a cathedral or in a half-remembered dream that one wishes to revisit.

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