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I would identify myself as a Newfoundland (dog). Newfoundlands are a very special breed of dog. They are beautiful and handsome, loving toward all who are kind to them, especially children and other animals (regardless of "type" of animal). They are kind and gentle, smart, and great rescue animals. They also slobber, and will shake their head and send slobber on to your new clothes, your dinner, and 5 feet up your wall. They sit, lie down, and sleep sprawled out in the middle of everything and are in the way. They will try to protect those they love - although, often, they don't know how to do this, exactly. The Newfoundland is NOT a dog for everyone. People who cannot handle a "less than perfect" animal should never, ever, adopt or buy a Newfoundland. I can relate to a Newf in so many ways, although I don't drool as well.

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