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My name is Vasiliki Dalianopoulos. I live in Evropos, Greece.
I went into the hospital on February 3, 1965 to deliver my baby. He was born on February 4 1965. He was a healthy baby boy. After two days I was told my baby boy had died. I wasn't allowed to see him at all and was told that his body was cremated. After a couple of years I was informed that there was a pattern of babies supposedly dieing and disappearing from this hospital but actually they were being kidnapped and being sold to people in USA for adaption who were probably not aware of what had transpired. Adoption Agency or Orphanage name at that time was Agios Stilianos.
I never believed what I had been told that my baby is death. I heard him crying when he was born and the nurse told me is a healthy baby boy.I never gave up and I will always look for him
Hospital today's name is Agia Sofia

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