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DOB: 31 May 1958

Ft Worth TX  Agency Volunteers of America

Attorney for agency handled adoption for Aparents: J. Everette Cline (Kline?)

Delivered by Dr A. B. Pumphrey (deceased)

Relinquished against 1st Mom's will (AKA: Stolen):  5 June 1958

Placed:  21 June 1958 after 3 weeks of detox from Seconal 1st Mom was force fed for 2 months

Adopters: Louis Henry Stauffer and Beverly Jean Moerbe

Adoption finalized 18 Dec 1958  in Tarrant County District Court Judge Denny Presiding (deceased)

Abandoned by "forever family" 1st time: June 1972 

 2nd time 26 April 1999 with the death of Adad 

3rd and final time:  10 May 2007 with the death of Amon

1st Mom was 28 and had lost custody of my 2 older siblings to her step-mother when she was committed against her will into a mental hospital in Oklahoma.  Her DOB: 24 Feb 1930 in Oklahoma.

Boy 8 yrs old and girl 6 yrs old in 1958. 

I found out I was not an only child of a teen mother in trouble after all in 1996.

While 1st mom and their father were divorced and she had remarried, the result of her commitment her second husband was committed as well for alcoholism. She was furloughed 1st and ran into her 1st husband. I was the result of a short term (one night stand?) affair. That would make my siblings and I full siblings!!

She was under the influence of Seconal for the entire duration at the Agency VOA. She was under the influence of Seconal & valium (was that legal?) when she was coerced into signing the relinquishment papers by Pearle Swallow, social worker, who was in charge of my AP's home fiction study.

I learned shortly before my daughter's birth in 1975 that I was adopted for the sole purpose of fixing a bad marriage and to be the heir required as per my agrandfather/agreatgrandfather's wills.

3 weeks old and already I had a job!  With the odds stacked against me, I would get fired Feb 1972 when AP's divorced and a year later I was shipped off to boarding school and all but forgotten about unless I made some noise (got in trouble, broke a family rule or did anything not considered appropriate for my station (bottom of the food chain in my forever  adoptive family

 1996 after receiving my non-identifying information, I had never been informed I was entitled to it or even where to locate it. By shear luck it contained 1st Mom's medical records while she was at VOA. Wow what a wake up   It looked like a top-secret government document with every name, place and most dates cut out with a razor blade. All 75 pages! Mostly 1st mom's & my  medical records while in their care.

Included in my 1st Mom's medical records it was clear or implied strongly, she was suffering from some form of mental illness, with symptoms of Bipolar and/or Borderline personality disorder. Both having a high genetic component.

The same symptoms shared by my only daughter for 21 yrs, starting at age 11.

It also showed the drugs 1st Mom had forced on her while she lived there, proving a suspicion of mine that I had been born addicted and suffered for 3 weeks from withdrawals, without anything to help, just shoved into a dark empty room to scream in painful withdrawals from the Agency's neglect. I had only been told I had been "tense" with breathing problems due to swallowed miconian after a prolonged (3 days long) intense labor on 1st Mom's part. She had told them all her labors had to be induced but they chose to ignore that fact.

2 of my labors, both my boys, had to be induced as well. My first, Shelby, came naturally but had a double placenta, also noted in 1st Mom's records. My second child presented with a double placenta but since I was ignorant of the possibility the second placenta was retained and 10 days later I began to hemorrhage, and came very close to dying. If I had the medical history to show the genetic component I may have been spared this. But as usual Texas Adoption Law and  Tarrant County rules applied, I had no right to this information

When I had no family history to show my daughter's Dr's my daughter's symptoms were ignored by them and she was misdiagnosed until it was too late, Of legal age by 1996, getting her any meaningful help, against her wishes was impossible even after numerous para-suicide  attempts.

FYI: If you know anyone diagnosed with mental illness who refuses meds or treatment this is shear torture for all involved. People with bipolar love the mania, it is as addictive as speed or cocaine and the depression is even worse. They refuse help because it feels too good to be manic and it feels too hopeless when they are depressed.

Mix in Borderline personality disorder and it is almost for sure a death sentence. The Texas Adoption laws Tarrant County rules applied = my daughter's life/death.

 The agency, VOA,  clearly couldn't tell my AP's of my 1st Mom's mental illness, or her symptoms, they would never had able to unload me or  get full price for me. They just parked me in a so called matched placement and forgot me. They never checked on me after the adoption was finalized.

We lost my daughter to suicide, 24 Sept 2006, from a drug overdose using oxycontin and valium. Another loss due to unjust adoption laws.

She left behind a 15 yr old son, another victim of Texas adoption law. Tarrant County rules applied, same station, same channel, the story continued until our law makers grow the spines to stand up and change them so they will really be "in the child's best interest" not AP's and agencies need for control and secret keeping.

"Touched by Adoption with a Blowtorch"

Animal within

A Mama Black Bear w/ 3 surviving cubs.

Mess with me all you want but bend over and kiss your butt goodbye if you mess with mine!


Adoption and Foster-care law reform, genealogy, US and Canadian History, DNA genealogy, hockey, horseback ridding, dog agility training and performance & advanced canine obedience training. Both I am employed on top of professional genealogy research.

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