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Parents of rape victim file plea

Superior Court judge is asked to terminate girl's guardianship

Ofelia Madrid
The Arizona Republic
Aug. 31, 2007 12:00 AM

Couple make new attempt to win back 'miracle' boy

Diane Taylor and Hugh Muir
Saturday September 15, 2007
The Guardian

One of the longest child custody cases in British legal history is to return to the high court as an infertile African couple make a new attempt to recover the child they claim as their "miracle" baby.

They claim the welfare of the three-year-old boy is a matter of serious concern. The claims are contested by Haringey council in north London.

Dinner or Dessert: Which do you prefer?

I grew-up knowing how to cook.  Correction.  I learned how to cook, by default.  I remember my grandmother taught me how to bake.  Cooking and baking are two different things.  One is a science; the other is to taste.

Anyone ever have a salty Angle Food Cake?  Or sour whipped cream?

The thing I love most about my grandmother's cooking is simple:  I had to earn her trust to learn how to cook like her.

It took thirteen years to earn that privledge. 

U.S. Is a Profound Failure In Protecting Childrens Rights

By Laverne John Riley Jr.

Article 37 (A) – (D) of the Convention of Childs Rights Abstract

For Vanity's Sake

My oldest, Alexa, no longer wants her desk in her room.  Why?  It takes too much space, I suppose.  It's a beautiful piece of furniture, with a built-in-book-shelf that can be removed, if she'd like.

Katherine, (my great little keeper)

Katie, the oldest of my twins, has been having separation anxiety, in terms of leaving me and going to full-day first-grade.  She's six years old, and is realizing the cord has been cut.  She's not liking it very much, and it's making her very sad.

The story in Brief


September 7, 1988: A Long Island Teenager Discovers His Parents Stabbed and Bludgeoned
Marty Tankleff wakes up on the first day of his senior year in high school to discover his mother and father brutally stabbed and bludgeoned, his mother—Arlene Tankleff—dead, his father—Seymour Tankleff—unconscious but alive. Marty calls 911 and gives first-aid to his father.

Guatemala Adoption Boom Creates Controversy

from: VOA news

13 September 2007

Russia marks Day of Conception

Russian region tries to stem declining birthrate by rewarding procreation
The Associated Press
Updated: 8:20 p.m. ET Sept. 11, 2007

How do you wear your hair?

Short, long, covered or curled?

It's no secret a woman's hair is her crowned jewel, as most orthodox religions will require their women to cover (or even shave) their locks before the presence of other men.


I'm thinking it's a jealousy-thing.

Perhaps they don't want other men looking at, or grabbing (like cave-men) their women.

Perhaps long flowing hair is a sign of health and beauty... of strength and virility in genes that a woman possesses, and that's a secret a man wants to keep all to himself and his concubine.

Single-mother births soaring


History and Heritage

As an International Adoptee, from the Closed Era, how does the Adoption Industry answer for the loss of family history and heritage so many of us do without, because strangers chose one land... one group of people is better than another?

My parents made no effort teaching me about my first family, and my own mother-land.  I was adopted by Americans, I was therefore "American".  I was made better because of the better American parents.  If not for "them" I would be nothing but a moaning, groping, vegetable.


Is there any truth to this?

I don't know if there is any truth to this story, but I post it anyway. 

from: datelinehollywood.com

Muscatine woman faces endangerment charges against child that was about to be adopted

Guatemala launches adoption probe

from: BBC news

Guatemalan authorities are trying to check the status of 46 young children to see if they were taken from their parents for illegal adoption abroad.

They were found at a home close to Guatemala City after neighbours reported seeing foreigners collecting children there every day.

The children's ages range from three years old to just a few days.

Officials say they are waiting for the home's owner, said to be a US citizen, to return to Guatemala on Monday.

Are you thinking about MARRIAGE?

from: watchtower.org

If we compare the global divorce phenomenon to an earthquake, the United States would be at the epicenter. In a recent year, more than one million marriages were terminated there—an average of two every minute. But you may well be aware that the United States is hardly alone in its marital misery.

The Belgian Connection

How adoptions started in Belgium

In 1958 Father Delooz, Franciscaner went to the Belgian colony Rwanda, where he got into contact with the White Sisters of Afrika. The Sisters run an orphanages for Mulate children.

Many colonial men had relations with black women. Only ten percent of these children was registered by the fathers. The mulate children were taken into orphanages by the Sisters. It was not obliged by law, but the mothers were forced to give up their children (also if they could well take care of them).


The new frontiers of placement: kafalah, European adoption and international placement.

The acceptance of minors coming from Islamic countries, for adoption in countries of the European Union, the regulation of international placement: those are the terms for Amici dei Bambini (AiBi) that could enlarge the horizon of the acceptance of abandoned minors and minors with family problems.

Adoption scam

Adoption scam leaves couples financially, emotionally scarred

By Sarah Wallace

(New York - WABC, September 10, 2007) - Adoptive couples are opening up about their heartbreak, saying they are the victims of a baby bait-and-switch scheme.

The Eyewitness News Investigators took an exclusive into an international adoption agency with clients all over the United States.

That agency, which posts photo listings of children on Web sites, is now under criminal investigation.

The Investigators' Sarah Wallace joins us.

Sounds, Sleep, Silence

It's been another sleepless night.  My son can't sleep; he's worried about school.  I can't blame him, so I stay awake with him, reassuring him it will be alright.

My oldest son is the victim of bullying

It has cost us many many sleepless nights, and now that school has started again, it's reign of terror has begun it's haunting path.  Again.

In our case, it has been the school and counselor who has tortured me and my son the most.


Keep up the clamor to fix Arizona's broken system

from: Arizona Republic

Sept. 9, 2007 12:00 AM

If you want to see real change in child welfare, you are going to have to yell longer, not louder.

Child-protective systems nationwide were molded by sporadic bursts of negative attention on the state level and a perverse funding mechanism on the federal level.

Both encourage quick-fix approaches.


So much for conflict of interest...

The US intends to ratify the Hague Convention beginning 2008. To this end they have designated two organisations as accreditors: one of them is the *Council on Accreditation*, in which  Thomas Atwood (President National Council for Adoption and former Board Member of Bethany Christian Services) and Beverly Grant (Director Bethany Christian Services) are members of the Board.

The acceditation process will be done on the basis of PEER reviews.

Government shuts down Girl Child Network

from: zimdaily.com

THE government has provisionally shut down Betty Hazviperi Makoni’s Girl Child Network (GCN) following shocking revelations that she was illegally and unlawfully keeping children without proper documentation and permission from the Ministry of Labour, Public Service and Social Welfare.

GCN is an organisation that fights for the rights of the girl child against all forms of child abuses that include rape and negligence.

Adoptive vs. Biological Parent Smackdown

from: adopteejournal-nina.blogspot.com

For those catching up, an update: Seven months after finding my birthmother, I'm told she allowed her husband to sexually abuse a child in her care over a period of years. My mother is still in denial. This child, now a woman, never received family help.

There's nothing like some wine tasting followed by long soaks in hot mineral pools to work out the kinks. Thank you, Calistoga!

Last Days

Meanwhile in Iceland

from: IcelandReview

With the debate over family values raging on both sides of the Atlantic, Icelandic society dances to the beat of its own ethical drum, banding together to pioneer inroads into the terra incognita of non-traditional families like same-sex parents, unions outside the church and interracial adoption.

Two couples fight for right to claim child as their own

By Pamela Manson
The Salt Lake Tribune

Article Last Updated: 09/05/2007 11:18:15 AM MDT

LOGAN - In Utah, hopeful adoptive parents call the toddler from China Amanda. In Kansas, another pair of longing parents know her as Amelya. As she approaches her third birthday, both couples are battling to make the girl their own.

21 Big Lessons from Little Kids

Little gems you may have forgotten.

By the Editors of Men's Health



A new scientific truth does not triumph by
convincing its opponents and making them
see the light, but rather because its opponents
eventually die, and a new generation grows up
that is familiar with it.

Max Planck

Ever since the 70's activists have been fighting over the paper trail, a generation of activists stuck in an endless succession of legal battles in a state by state course.  

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