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So much for conflict of interest...

The US intends to ratify the Hague Convention beginning 2008. To this end they have designated two organisations as accreditors: one of them is the *Council on Accreditation*, in which  Thomas Atwood (President National Council for Adoption and former Board Member of Bethany Christian Services) and Beverly Grant (Director Bethany Christian Services) are members of the Board.

The acceditation process will be done on the basis of PEER reviews.

Government shuts down Girl Child Network

from: zimdaily.com

THE government has provisionally shut down Betty Hazviperi Makoni’s Girl Child Network (GCN) following shocking revelations that she was illegally and unlawfully keeping children without proper documentation and permission from the Ministry of Labour, Public Service and Social Welfare.

GCN is an organisation that fights for the rights of the girl child against all forms of child abuses that include rape and negligence.

Adoptive vs. Biological Parent Smackdown

from: adopteejournal-nina.blogspot.com

For those catching up, an update: Seven months after finding my birthmother, I'm told she allowed her husband to sexually abuse a child in her care over a period of years. My mother is still in denial. This child, now a woman, never received family help.

There's nothing like some wine tasting followed by long soaks in hot mineral pools to work out the kinks. Thank you, Calistoga!

Last Days

Meanwhile in Iceland

from: IcelandReview

With the debate over family values raging on both sides of the Atlantic, Icelandic society dances to the beat of its own ethical drum, banding together to pioneer inroads into the terra incognita of non-traditional families like same-sex parents, unions outside the church and interracial adoption.

Two couples fight for right to claim child as their own

By Pamela Manson
The Salt Lake Tribune

Article Last Updated: 09/05/2007 11:18:15 AM MDT

LOGAN - In Utah, hopeful adoptive parents call the toddler from China Amanda. In Kansas, another pair of longing parents know her as Amelya. As she approaches her third birthday, both couples are battling to make the girl their own.

21 Big Lessons from Little Kids

Little gems you may have forgotten.

By the Editors of Men's Health



A new scientific truth does not triumph by
convincing its opponents and making them
see the light, but rather because its opponents
eventually die, and a new generation grows up
that is familiar with it.

Max Planck

Ever since the 70's activists have been fighting over the paper trail, a generation of activists stuck in an endless succession of legal battles in a state by state course.  

Religious question

I am not a religious person, though I am not completely ignorant of the subject. Still there is something keeps me wondering. In the pro-adoption community is an strong representation of christian factions. People who as I have come to know have a belief in the Will of God. I would say, from a religious point of view, pregnancy is an expression of God's will. So if God chooses a woman to become pregnant, why would he want it raised by strangers?

Bipolar disorder in youths may be over-diagnosed

A new study says a fortyfold increase can be partly attributed to doctors mislabeling children and teens with the illness.

By Denise Gellene, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
September 4, 2007

The diagnosis of bipolar disorder in children and adolescents has risen fortyfold since 1994, according to a study released Monday. But researchers partly attributed the dramatic rise to doctors over-diagnosing the serious psychiatric disorder.

Excessive TV Spurs Attention Trouble in Kids

But the new study is at odds with much of the previous research, experts say

By Jeffrey Perkel, HealthDay Reporter

TUESDAY, Sept. 4 (HealthDay News) -- Watching more than two hours of television daily during childhood increases the likelihood of attention problems in adolescence, according to a new study.

Yet far from settling the debate, the findings add more confusion to the debate on whether television viewing might contribute to attention problems. The new research largely agrees with one previous study but disagrees with two others.

Pentagon e-mail system breached

E-mail system was located in office of secretary of defense

By David Morgan
Updated: 12:08 p.m. ET Sept. 4, 2007

The Pentagon on Tuesday said computer hackers gained access to an unclassified e-mail system in the office of Defense Secretary Robert Gates, but declined comment on a report that the Chinese army was responsible.

Craig's children stand by disgraced senator

Their dad was ‘victim of circumstance,’ but not guilty, son says

The Associated Press
Updated: 10:41 a.m. ET Sept. 4, 2007

BOISE, Idaho - Two of Sen. Larry Craig's children said Tuesday they questioned him explicitly about "what exactly happened in that bathroom" where he was arrested in a sex sting and believe his assertions that he isn't gay.

Baby selling racket exposed in Delhi

Sep 03: In another sting operation by a TV channel CNN IBN, exposing a baby selling racket in Delhi by a placement agency in Adivasi Sewa Samiti office in Shakarpur. These placement agencies are becoming a breeding centre of such crimes.

The placement agencies traffic minor tribal girls from Jharkhand, Bihar and West Bengal and either sold them for domestic help or are impregnated forcefully and sell the babies to the couples looking for child adoption.

Trevorrow v State of South Australia: a summary

On 1 August 2007, Justice Gray in the Supreme Court of South Australia delivered judgment in Trevorrow v State of South Australia.

The plaintiff, Bruce Trevorrow, is Aboriginal. He was born on 20th November 1956 at Queen Victoria Hospital, Adelaide.  His parents were Joe Trevorrow and Thora Lampard.  He spent the first 13 months of his life at One Mile Camp near Meningie, on the Coorong in South Australia.

Guatemala's child-snatching plague

By Philip Sherwell in Guatemala City, Sunday Telegraph
Last Updated: 2:05am BST 04/09/2007

American couples are flocking to the hotels of Guatemala City, but not to see the country's ancient Mayan remains nor the capital's more limited modern charms. Instead they are flying south in droves in the hope of embracing a bouncing new addition to their families - a baby, priced at about $30,000 (£15,000).

Private equity invests in fostering children

From: The Times
September 3, 2007

About 5 per cent of Britain’s 41,700 fostered children are being placed by agencies owned by private equity firms

by Robin Pagnamenta

They play an ever-increasing role in British life - running our shops, hospitals, collecting our rubbish and managing our finances. Now profit-hungry private equity firms are queueing up for another business opportunity - fostering children.

Uncommon Threads

from: www.sacbee.com

Ray Materson used his prison time to learn a craft - creating miniature masterpieces

Last Updated 9:06 am PDT
Wednesday, May 16, 2007

"The Noon Watch, " "Mark McGuire," and "Covenant and Betrayal" are included in "Stories Through Needle and Thread," an exhibit of Ray Materson's miniature needlework at the Design Museum at UC Davis.

The Madonna-Horde Syndrome Strikes AGAIN!

Someone, please stop this woman, before I go into cardiac-arrest!


Out of Compliance? Implementing the Infant Adoption Awareness Act

The Guttmacher Report on Public Policy
August 2004, Volume 7, Number 3
Special Analysis

A Critical Look At The Child Welfare System

Child Abuse Reporting: Variety of Reports


In considering reports from all sources, social work professor Chris Mouzakitis concluded: "Much of what is reported is unworthy of followup."[1]

A surprising number of the over 3 million annual reports aren't even reports of abuse or neglect. What are these calls that so many of the states screen out, and from where do they originate?

Not for-profit

I seriously started looking into the wheelings and dealings of the adoption industry, when coming across the work of David Smolin, who wrote several papers on the issue of child trafficking in relation to international adoption. In these papers Smolin tells how in third world countries money is made by putting pressure on women with just born babies, by stealing babies and by corrupt orphanages.

Ergot Poisoning - the cause of the Salem Witch Trials

PBS "Secrets of the Dead II" — Witches Curse


Case 1: Interview

A Mom, and Her Donna

Donna was the youngest patient I recall being on 6 West.  The Respiratory and Renal unit no longer exists.  Funny how things disappear once I leave...  Six-West was a nightmare of a floor.  I called it The Roach Motel… people checked-in but they didn’t check-out without everything being tagged and put into bags, first.  The official nursing specialty of the 36-bed unit was chronic respiratory and renal disorders.  Lungs and kidneys.  Breathing and urinating.  Most patients were dialysis dependent, and very sick.  We had four ventilat

OFFBEAT: Bank VP Funds Child Adoption With Mentally Ill Client's Money

Posted by Elizabeth Wharton on Aug 23 2007 06:35:59 PDT

16 Reasons NOT to Vaccinate


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Disclaimer: Any information obtained here is not to be construed as medical OR legal advice. The decision to vaccinate and how you implement that decision is yours and yours alone.


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Fears over 'unjust adoption rise'

The number of parents who say children have been taken away unjustly and adopted has risen, campaigners claim.

A BBC investigation was told of more than 100 cases where children may have been put up for adoption without sufficient evidence of wrongdoing.

Critics of "forced adoptions" say social workers are rushing cases to hit the government's adoption targets.

But the head of children's services in England said that was "completely erroneous and very offensive".

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