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Trevorrow v State of South Australia: a summary

On 1 August 2007, Justice Gray in the Supreme Court of South Australia delivered judgment in Trevorrow v State of South Australia.

The plaintiff, Bruce Trevorrow, is Aboriginal. He was born on 20th November 1956 at Queen Victoria Hospital, Adelaide.  His parents were Joe Trevorrow and Thora Lampard.  He spent the first 13 months of his life at One Mile Camp near Meningie, on the Coorong in South Australia.

Uncommon Threads

from: www.sacbee.com

Ray Materson used his prison time to learn a craft - creating miniature masterpieces

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

"The Noon Watch, " "Mark McGuire," and "Covenant and Betrayal" are included in "Stories Through Needle and Thread," an exhibit of Ray Materson's miniature needlework at the Design Museum at UC Davis.

The Madonna-Horde Syndrome Strikes AGAIN!

Someone, please stop this woman, before I go into cardiac-arrest!


Out of Compliance? Implementing the Infant Adoption Awareness Act

The Guttmacher Report on Public Policy
August 2004, Volume 7, Number 3
Special Analysis

A Critical Look At The Child Welfare System

Child Abuse Reporting: Variety of Reports


In considering reports from all sources, social work professor Chris Mouzakitis concluded: "Much of what is reported is unworthy of followup."[1]

A surprising number of the over 3 million annual reports aren't even reports of abuse or neglect. What are these calls that so many of the states screen out, and from where do they originate?

Not for-profit

I seriously started looking into the wheelings and dealings of the adoption industry, when coming across the work of David Smolin, who wrote several papers on the issue of child trafficking in relation to international adoption. In these papers Smolin tells how in third world countries money is made by putting pressure on women with just born babies, by stealing babies and by corrupt orphanages.

Ergot Poisoning - the cause of the Salem Witch Trials

PBS "Secrets of the Dead II" — Witches Curse


Case 1: Interview

A Mom, and Her Donna

Donna was the youngest patient I recall being on 6 West.  The Respiratory and Renal unit no longer exists.  Funny how things disappear once I leave...  Six-West was a nightmare of a floor.  I called it The Roach Motel… people checked-in but they didn’t check-out without everything being tagged and put into bags, first.  The official nursing specialty of the 36-bed unit was chronic respiratory and renal disorders.  Lungs and kidneys.  Breathing and urinating.  Most patients were dialysis dependent, and very sick.  We had four ventilat

OFFBEAT: Bank VP Funds Child Adoption With Mentally Ill Client's Money

Posted by Elizabeth Wharton on Aug 23 2007 06:35:59 PDT

16 Reasons NOT to Vaccinate


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Disclaimer: Any information obtained here is not to be construed as medical OR legal advice. The decision to vaccinate and how you implement that decision is yours and yours alone.


Book marks are here...

Fears over 'unjust adoption rise'

The number of parents who say children have been taken away unjustly and adopted has risen, campaigners claim.

A BBC investigation was told of more than 100 cases where children may have been put up for adoption without sufficient evidence of wrongdoing.

Critics of "forced adoptions" say social workers are rushing cases to hit the government's adoption targets.

But the head of children's services in England said that was "completely erroneous and very offensive".

Children taken from parents and adopted ‘to meet ministry targets’

From The Times
August 24, 2007

Record numbers of young children are being taken from their parents and adopted - sometimes unjustly - to meet government targets, it is claimed today.

Each year some 1,300 babies under a month old are placed in care before adoption, compared with 500 when the Government came to power, BBC Radio 4’s Face the Facts claims today.

The programme is told that there are now more than 100 cases of possible miscarriages of justice in which children have been forcibly or unjustly adopted.

<Eeeeks!> on ebay

Dangerous toys find second life on auction sites

Recalls don't prevent products from being sold on eBay, elsewhere

By Herb Weisbaum
MSNBC contributor


How old is that gum you're chewing?

5000-6000 years old?

100 children remain in hands of traffickers in Haiti, says IOM

from: caribbeannetnews.com

August 18, 2007

GENEVA, Switzerland (AFP):  Some 100 children in urgent need of medical help remained in the hands of traffickers in Haiti who were seeking to sell them for adoption, one week after 48 kids were rescued from the same place, an intergovernmental organization said Friday.

A Warm Blanket

I typically wake at 5am to work on the website, reading, writing and editing - before the brood wakes needing breakfast. This morning was no different, only, I fell asleep after posting this morning's poll question.
I woke to the sight of my youngest daughter toting a very large fuzzy blanket.  She was placing it on top of me.  I smiled a sleepy smile.  She said, "You looked cold"

Are Banks Building or Breaking Families?

There are natural disasters like tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, volcanic eruptions, epidemic diseases, and mining disasters that break and destroy families. 

Then there are man-made disasters that are called foreclosures.

This is the stuff that makes a family go homeless because for whatever reason, the parent/s can no longer afford to pay their monthly bills and mortgage payments to the bank. 

Oddly enough, banking companies, like The Freddie Mac Foundation supports adoption, perhaps as a reinvestment initiative for the future.  I would like to think rebuilding a community, while keeping families together, would be the focused, ultimate goal, (like they show on Extreme Makeover), but I'm not exactly sure what a banking-firm's interest would be in terms of the adoption industry.  Would anyone care to guess what's really going on in the minds of people "helping build new futures?"

Personality Test

Answers are for who you are now...... not who you were in the past.

Have pen or pencil and paper ready.

This is a real test given by the
Human Relations Dept. at many of the major corporations today. It helps them
get better insight concerning their employees and prospective employees.

It's only 10 simple questions, so...... grab a pencil and paper, keep track of your letter answers.

Number your paper 1 to 10 first.

Continue to begin test

Half a century of adoption history in the Netherlands

from: Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek

Web magazine

31 October 2006 14:00

Half a century of adoption history in the Netherlands

On 1 November 1956, half a century ago to the day, the Dutch adoption law came into force. Since then, 60 thousand children have been adopted in the Netherlands. Approximately two-thirds of them came from other countries.

From foster status to legal status

In the first half of the twentieth century, more and more children were placed with foster parents. The legal position of foster parents and foster children was not very solid, because the biological parents could always reclaim the child. The foster parents were not legally obliged to provide for the child. This changed, when the adoption law was introduced in 1956, which made it possible for a foster family to adopt a foster child as their legitimate child.

Such non-stepparent adoptions do not involve (one of) the biological parents. Since 1979, the law also allows for stepparents to adopt a child: the (new) partner of one of the biological parents adopts his or her stepchild.

Rapid increase adoptions in the 1970s

Until the late 1960s, a few hundred children were adopted in the Netherlands each year. Nearly all of them were Dutch children relinquished for adoption by unwed mothers.

The Cost of Raising a Child

"Families making more than $74,900 a year will spend a whopping $289,380 to raise a second child born in 2006 through age 17, estimates the Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion, a division of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Higher-income families in urban areas in the West will spend the most, $304,740." http://articles.moneycentral.msn.com/CollegeAndFamily/RaiseKids/RaisingYour290000Baby.aspx

I suppose that's not including adoption costs, right?

How many have met their birth-parents?

Guatemalan police rescue 46 children from adoption scam

from: AFP

Aug 13, 2007

GUATEMALA CITY (AFP) — Police in Guatemala have rescued dozens of babies destined for the country's booming illegal adoption market, amid new cries for stricter governmental oversight.

Officials said Monday that police rescued 46 children aged between three days and two years old, who were victims of the country's notorious adoption racket.

For whom?

On the website of the Councel on Accreditation, responsible for the accreditation of adoption agencies, I found the following snippet.

PURPOSE: Adoption Services establish a permanent family for children and youth awaiting adoption, and increase the well-being and functioning of birth parents, adoptive families, and adopted individuals.

I was wondering which child is really awaiting adoption? Isn't the COA mistaken and shouldn't it read "prospective parents awaiting adoption"?

Couples pay €45,000 to adopt child from abroad


'Money is going into private pockets and that should not be happening'

By Eilish O'Regan
Tuesday June 19 2007

Private middlemen in Russia or Kazakhstan can charge as much as €20,000 for their services, adding to the high costs for prospective parents, already burdened with travel and legal fees.

John Collins, chief executive of the Adoption Authority, said yesterday that expensive agencies should be outlawed.

Furness to lobby on adoption

Not without any reason do certain governments discourage parents from adopting overseas babies, since this is a driving force behind child abandonment in many third world countries: Romania, India, Guatemala, to name only a few.

The adoption lobby to keep children coming to the western world is already too powerful, we don't need another supporter of adoption, especially not one who wants to speed up procedures in the best interest of...

If we want to do something for children in poor countries and I believe we should, we can support programs that support local care, programs that support family preservation. Do we have to be so greedy we need a child in return of our "humanitarian" actions.

By Ellen Connolly

August 12, 2007 12:00am

ACTRESS Deborra-lee Furness will form an adoption action group to lobby governments to change the law to make it easier to adopt.

Furness said she had received overwhelming public support accusing federal and state governments of discouraging parents from adopting overseas babies.

In an article in The Sunday Telegraph last week, Furness told of how she and her husband, Hugh Jackman, were forced to return to the US to adopt Oscar, 7, and Ava, 2, because of red tape and bureaucracy.

"We'll continue to push until we get some changes made because this is an injustice to Australian families,'' Furness said.

A Baby For All Seasons

Children being viewed as a commodity, that can be bought to fit the parents needs; it is expressedly voiced, by so-called superstar Ricky Martin. Wanting a child from each continent reads to me like words from a collector not from a parent to be.

Where do babies come from?

Call me stupid, but I always thought nature had an answer to the question where babies come from. This piece of consumer information from the Chicago Sunday Times tells how lucky some adoptive parents have been in the purchase of a child.

Not a single word about the children!!! Who's best interest is served here?

Countries with children available for U.S. parents can change dramatically

August 10, 2007

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