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Monkey Embryos Cloned for Stem Cells

By Rick Weiss
Washington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, November 15, 2007; A01 

Researchers in Oregon reported yesterday that they had created the world's first fully formed, cloned monkey embryos and harvested batches of stem cells from them -- a feat that, if replicated in people, could allow production of replacement tissues or organs with no risk of rejection.

Angelina Jolie May Lose Zahara: Birth Mother Wants Baby Back

Lynda Johnson
Nov 13, 2007

Zahara's family wants her back, a headline screams this week.  The cover story is from In Touch Weekly and the claim is that this may be the worst nightmare of Angelina Jolie if she loses baby Z.  Could it really happen?  It would be awful as Angie obviously loves her baby girl.  In a lengthy exposé the magazine details first that On June 20, 2006, Angelina proudly told CNN’s Anderson Cooper about the daughter she named Zahara.

This is hilarious

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Adopted teens may be more prone to suicide

from: health24.com

Adopted teens try to kill themselves much more often than teens who live with their biological parents, says new research.

However, a group of Ohio researchers add, the risk for both groups drops greatly when there are strong family ties.

That's the official word from a new study of more than 6 500 adolescents that appears in the latest issue of the journal Pediatrics.

The Consequences of Child Placement

"Attention Deficit".  It can mean many things to many people.  In my house, with four kids, it means not every child is getting the attention he/she may want from both parents all the time.  Such is the consequence of being out-numbered.  Hub-man and I do our best to attend to the needs of each child, but we are human.  We will fail, and we will be judged.  My hope is my kids will be kind when they look back on their childhood and remember all that was done for and with them, and not focus on what was not done.

Couple who lost three children expecting triplets

The Cobles tell TODAY they immediately knew they wanted more kids

By Mike Celizic
TODAYShow.com contributor
updated 10:34 a.m. ET, Tues., Nov. 13, 2007

Pfizer Faces Criminal Charges in Nigeria

from: The Washington Post

By Joe Stephens
Washington Post Staff Writer
Wednesday, May 30, 2007; A10

Love without adoption

I have a 16 year old Godson and he has lived with me and my 3 kids since his mum (my best and longest friend) hung herself on his 13th birthday. Ceejay has a dad who loves him to bits but sadly he fell apart after losing Ceejays mum and so as a temporary measure Ceejay came to live with us. That temporary measure turned out to be permanent. I have legal guardianship of him (needed if ever he needed medical attention and the likes) and he sees his dad whenever he wants (usually on a payday haha). They have a great relationship even though Ceejay chose to carry on living with me.

Unseal adoptees' birth records, report urges

NEW YORK — It's among the most divisive questions in the realm of adoption: Should adult adoptees have access to their birth records, and thus be able to learn the identity of their birth parents?

Woman fails to take 23 kids from Timor

from: theage.com.au

November 9, 2007 - 6:29PM

Authorities have stopped a woman from leaving East Timor with 23 children from an orphanage run by an Australian, after a UN agency raised serious concerns.

Police descended on Dili airport on Thursday after the woman approached immigration officials seeking to have the children board a flight to Malaysia.

We shared this dark secret

from: The Guardian

Ros was 18 when she gave up the only baby she ever had for adoption. She went on to marry the father, their lives welded together by mutual regret. Kate Hilpern reports

Saturday November 10, 2007
The Guardian

Inside Guatemala's adoption pipeline

from: ChicagoTribune

Latin nation tries to fight image as baby factory for the U.S.

By Oscar Avila

Tribune foreign correspondent

November 11, 2007




Ouders Madeleine krijgen opnieuw geld


What do they have in common:

Their child was stolen!

Embryos raise legal issues



November 8, 2007 | 10:42 p.m. CST

COLUMBIA — Although the term “adoption” implies the belief that embryos are alive, embryos do not have the same legal status as the children of live births. Currently, no state has laws that address embryo adoption specifically, and it is not legally necessary for adoptive parents to go through a traditional adoption process.

Civil code amendments to facilitate international adoption

Minister for Women and Family Affairs Nimet Çubukçu announced on Wednesday that Parliament is working to amend the civil code’s provisions regarding child adoption with the objective of facilitating the process for foreign parents.

Dutch tightens foreign adoption rules after probes

Wed Nov 7, 2007 10:46pm IST

AMSTERDAM ( Reuters) - The Netherlands said on Wednesday it was tightening rules on child adoption from abroad after possible irregularities related to children brought from India.

Learning How to Breathe

A few years ago, I made contact with an adoptee through the internet.  It was the first time I ever had written conversations with a person who spoke the same angst-ridden language I had when it came to being lost and not knowing if I'd ever be found.  We were both searching for the truth in terms about our adoptions, our childhoods, and how that all affected our relationships as parents and our marriages.  We wanted to find answers to fill the voids that became our life-stories, but didn't know if that was possible.  It was only within a few emails we compared

ramblings from the original pup

Oh, how true the name is.

I was asked to "blog" my thoughts as to the scary idea that it help help someone.  With my current mood though, I would be extremely surprised if someone wanted to take the time and actually read this.

US charity under probe in Kenya for alleged child trafficking

from: afp

Tue Nov 6, 3:07 AM ET


A Kenyan judge has ordered an investigation of a US children's charity accused in a civil suit of exploiting and trafficking children, a court official said Tuesday.

Miracle my ass!

Take one healthy child,
negotiate a price
scrub away the grime
call it something nice

When it starts to talk
make sure that it's polite
and when it calls you mother
be sure to say 'that's right'

Send it to a good school
the best that you can find
what a lucky bastard
to have a mum so kind

That God blessed little miracle
is a fucked up fairy tale
since when did any miracle
come with a bill of sale

Are Boys An Endangered Species?

By Francesca Lyman for MSN Health & Fitness

Half as many boys as girls are being born in some places around the world—and pollution is the prime suspect.

Parent-Child Assistance Program

Another good program... this one proving that not only can people change, but programs can.  When this program was Families For Kids Partnership, they focused on finding permanent families for kids in foster care. Now, they are the Parent-Child Assistance Program, seeing to the real needs of at-risk families towards goals of keeping them together, reunification, or reunion, depending on what the case may be.  Reunification is when a foster child returns to his mom or dad or both. 

Best kind of family reunion

Children and Mental Health

This is a chapter from a Report of the Surgeon General on mental health.

Knocking Yourself Up

from: newweek
Some women laugh about turkey basters replacing Mr. Right. The ongoing debate over going it alone.
By Lorraine Ali
Updated: 4:18 PM ET Oct 27, 2007

Billion-dollar baby trade: The darker side of adoption

from: Daily Mail

By BARBARA DAVIES - More by this author » Last updated at 23:02pm on 2nd November 2007

The Martian Child

real people, real grief

Video clips like these should be mandatory viewing for prospective infant adopters.

Good Bye


Real Women

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