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European Parliament joins the ICA crowd

Hidden in a long Resolution of the European Parliament are some troubling recommendations to the European Commission. It is about the drafting of the EU Strategy for Children's rights.

Widely adopted by a large majority of the European Parliament, on 16 January, and probably not understood by many. At least that's what I hope, otherwise the world is even more evil than I thought.

Disappearance of newborn babies for illegal adoption in Europe

Taken with permission from www.romania-forexportonly.blogspot.com

Do those people ever think about the mothers, the families, the children?

No, it is all about getting children for adoption - and legalising a perfect agency run adoption industry.
Exploitation of the poor, modern slavery, child laundering - you choose!

Baby on Board

from: tnr.com

John McCain's adopted daughter, the great symbol of dirty tricks in 2000's South Carolina primary, is now being used by McCain himself in a ploy to woo evangelical voters.

Dana Goldstein,  The New Republic  Published: Saturday, January 19, 2008

Amrex aftermath?

In 2006 Amrex, an adoption facilitator firm from Alpharetta Georgia went bankrupt. With their dedicated adoption software they delivered matching services for several adoption agencies, mostly operating in Russia and Guatemala.

Adoption services firm investigated over missing funds

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Published on: 10/03/06

Alpharetta police have opened a criminal investigation into allegations an international adoption services company formerly headquartered in the city may have misused $500,000 in fees paid by prospective parents. The company, Amrex Inc., now operates out of offices in Atlanta and is well-known in international adoption circles for providing overseas legwork to stateside adoption agencies that help U.S. residents adopt foreign-born children.

25 cents and a canary

When reading the article The paradoxical rationalization of modern adoption, I noticed the deeply sad yet at the same time funny account of a baby being sold for 25 cents and a canary. It is taken from Preventive Treatment of Neglected Children (links to a 18.5 MB PDF file), the final book of a four volumes prepared for the Eighth International Prison Congress of 1910.

The paradoxical rationalization of modern adoption

The paradoxical rationalization of modern adoption - social and economic aspects of adoption Ellen Herman

Juno Trailer

Dec. 2007 release of a movie that focuses on the life of a sarcastic, smart-ass teen who finds herself pregnant, and deals with more questions and choices than she knows what to do with (or for) herself than she ever thought possible.

Today i UK

A baby less than a year old was among 10 children taken into care after a police operation targeted gangs who used youngsters to pick pockets.

Officers from several forces, including the Metropolitan Police, raided 17 addresses across Slough, Berkshire.

At least 25 adults were held, accused of immigration breaches, deception, fraud, theft and pick-pocketing.

The inquiry surrounds child trafficking from Romania and the welfare of the children involved.

kerrys question

Can you please go into more detail about the difference between a "Missing Child" and  one that's been "Abducted for Adoption"?

Please bare with me because these boards are sending me doolally. Right kerry, I tried to reply to you question (the above) as a reply but couldnt copy pictures so Im having to put it in a blog. Plus dont know how to do quote so above is your quote (hope you understood that, not sure I did).

one more for the pot

one more for the pot

Lost Records, Lost Histories

Lost Records, Lost Histories:
Honoring the Midwives Who Were Prosecuted in the early 1900s

Christa Craven, Ph.D.

To catch a baby broker

Some children offered for international adoption are exploited, even kidnapped -- forcing families into a desperate battle to save them.
By Victoria Corderi
updated 4:54 p.m. ET Jan. 20, 2008

Adoptee-run study

Participants needed for research study on international adoption

Posted by: "jeff_leinaweaver" jeff@global-zen.com

Are you an international adoptee (or know an international adoptee) born abroad and adopted into a family from a different national, racial and cultural origin than your birth origin?

I am an international adoptee, adopted from Colombia, looking for potential research participants for a doctoral-level research study.

Adoption poetry

from: bastards.org

Poetic Correspondence:
A moving interchange between adoptee and birthmom
by Meredith Tallis (DrSorrows@aol.com) and Mary Anne Cohen (maireaine@hexatron.com)

Take a closer look. It's a chimp, dude

Tue Jan 15, 5:11 PM ET


VIENNA, Austria - A chimpanzee cannot be declared a person, Austria's Supreme Court has ruled, activists said Tuesday. An animal rights group had sought to have the chimp, Matthew Hiasl Pan, declared a person in hopes of gaining guardianship of the animal

British Justice

I am not sure what I found the saddest when reading this. Lorraine Harris spent 16 months in prison wrongly accused  of shaking her baby to death. At the start of her sentence she gave birth to a baby boy  who was taken from her within hours of his birth and forcibly adopted.

Death by Family Courts

Poor little bastards are we.

Cllr Shireen Ritchie, Cabinet Member for Family and Children's Services and the driving force behind Chelsea's middle class adoption team. What a woman and what a world she lives in.

The four Big Lies about universal health care

from: www.hightowerlowdown.org

Our system, designed by Big Business, is ranked 37th in the world

Madeleine McCann - The McCann Infantile Memory

Purpose and Reason

At the end of the last year I was ready to give up. Not kill myself. Just give up. I was sick of how I was feeling, I was hurting proper bad. My eating disorder had come back with a vengeance and I just felt alone and stupid.

Motivated or motivation

Ask yourself this. Could there be a more motivating factor than finding a missing child safe and well. In the hearts and minds of any decent human being, the child is all the motivation needed. Every now and again though something comes up that makes you ask questions.

Take the search for Maddie McCann. I know I have spoke on the McCanns before but they have created their own media monster for the inquisitive to explore.

The adoption quandary

from: latimes.com

By Elizabeth Larsen
January 7, 2008

Two adoption researchers have put this question to me in recent weeks: What are we going to tell the children adopted from Guatemala?

Moving History

I'm curious... are there museums or exhibits that feature the history of Child Placement anywhere?

Is adoption, with authentic original documentation, included in any of this type of exhibit? 

I would think there are lots of adoptees and children of adoptees who would like to know more about the way in which the adoption industry has conducted itself.

The Orphanage (English subtitles)

2007 movie trailer

The Child-Care Crisis

Adoption: Not so happily-ever-after

"Where are my real parents?" That's funny stuff!
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