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Case fileHarvey women fighting to get 3-month-old back Admin37005 years 8 weeks
Case fileKara's party coming later Admin60305 years 5 weeks
Case fileEx-counselor told to pay $375,000 in coerced adoption Admin31105 years 8 weeks
Case fileChicago woman sues Utah agency over baby's adoption Admin43005 years 8 weeks
Case fileTeen father adjusts to status after legal fight for his baby Admin80405 years 5 weeks
Case fileROBBING THE CRADLE Admin53005 years 8 weeks
Case fileIs Utah a 'baby warehouse'? Admin59205 years 8 weeks
Case fileAgency leaves trail of broken adoptions Admin186521 year 7 weeks
Case fileBirth brings joy, renews pain over loss of firstborn in pregnancy-center case Admin63105 years 8 weeks
Case filePro-father ruling gives hope for baby's return from Utah Admin106705 years 8 weeks
Case fileWoman, infant reunite after she sues agency Admin58205 years 4 weeks
Case fileWoman says agency's coercion made her surrender her infant Admin37705 years 8 weeks
Case fileJudge pushes pace of Baby Tamia case Admin33405 years 8 weeks
Case fileMother sues adoption agency, wants girl back Admin103105 years 4 weeks
Case fileBaby Tamia judge rules law was broken Admin39005 years 8 weeks
Case fileAdoptions in Paraguay: Mothers Cry Theft Files154905 years 3 weeks
Case fileMom awarded $275,000 Admin33005 years 8 weeks
Case fileLawyers' stall tactics drain funds of Baby Tamia's family Admin91705 years 8 weeks
Case fileAward cut in adoption-coercion case Admin45305 years 8 weeks
Case fileBaby Tamia : Judge orders a halt Admin34005 years 8 weeks
Case fileBaby Tamia adoptions arrests illegal drugs Utah custody case Admin81405 years 8 weeks
Case fileMOM RECALLS DAY SHE GAVE UP BABY Admin39105 years 8 weeks
Case fileJudge makes it clear that Baby Tamia's fate lies with court Admin34305 years 8 weeks
Case fileCATCHING UP ON SOME UNFINISHED BUSINESS Admin29405 years 8 weeks

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