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Abuse caseFreddi Bergquist, (Erik Ilesov) Adopted Czech boy in Sweden Admin4974011 years 19 weeks
Abuse case76+ Children adopted by Diane and Dennis Nason Admin1752617 years 30 weeks
Abuse caseKaitlyn Brosch Admin5570011 years 19 weeks
Abuse caseHildred Thomas Gasaway Admin2803011 years 3 weeks
Abuse caseJames W. Bader (Jimmy Jones) Admin787877 years 49 weeks
Abuse caseCharles Thomas McEntire III (Brandon Berry) Admin384914 years 39 weeks
Abuse caseDaughters of Pastor in Ocala, Fl Admin2878011 years 19 weeks
Abuse caseChelsea Mensinger Admin4253011 years 3 weeks
Abuse caseNicholas Rhea Hoffert and Gary Hoffert (Twins); and Girl adopted by David and Lynn Giddens Admin5977011 years 19 weeks
Abuse caseKehaulani Niu Sullivan Admin3454011 years 3 weeks
Abuse caseAndrea Swenson Admin5061011 years 19 weeks
Abuse caseMelissa Wilkins Admin3936011 years 3 weeks
Abuse caseChildren adopted by Emily Miller Admin4109011 years 19 weeks
Abuse caseAhmad King (Rawls) Admin5707011 years 3 weeks
Abuse caseTyler Vanpopering Admin3433011 years 19 weeks
Abuse caseJarod "Jerry" Hulsey (Jerry Gribbens) Admin738523 years 39 weeks
Abuse caseBoy adopted by Scott Legrand Admin5937011 years 19 weeks
Abuse caseRohit Chakravarthy Admin5958011 years 3 weeks
Abuse caseKrystal Ann Tibbets Admin4781011 years 19 weeks
Abuse caseLillian Leilani Gill Admin5005011 years 3 weeks
Abuse caseLucas Ciambrone (Pedro Garcia) Admin6838011 years 19 weeks
Abuse caseRachel Joy Thompson Admin4113011 years 3 weeks
Abuse caseChildren adopted by Theresa and Reed Hansen Admin4446011 years 19 weeks
Abuse caseWeyland Brown Mitchell Admin3146011 years 3 weeks
Abuse caseHei Min Chung (aka Chaeli Kyrie) Admin7944011 years 19 weeks

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