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Babies do's and don'ts Niels35616 years 18 weeks
Bad Craziness Umbilical child75495 years 37 weeks
Boot camps and adopted children with behavior problems Kerry106401 year 37 weeks
Breaking the rescue mode thinking Niels34625 years 43 weeks
Bush Admin Pushes Grabbing Babies From Poor Women So Wealthy Can Adopt reunitedmomWolf Linda130366 years 16 weeks
Can we afford to stay in business with China at all cost? Niels1361105 years 45 weeks
Catholic Church took, distributed babies katetucker98402 years 40 weeks
Celebrity adoptions in the movies Kerry58415 years 3 weeks
Censoring on AP sites La Ronda81943 years 8 weeks
Child Abuse: New Legal Avenue 2 Justice & Deterrence? (SEE LINK) Extend OR OVERCOME Statute of Lim.s missy246888904 years 3 weeks
Children in care with biological family Niels28015 years 26 weeks
Christian Adoptions kindren1231443224 years 9 weeks
Code-Names Kerry5274 years 48 weeks
Coincidence in placement of events? Kerry422195 years 38 weeks
Compromised child placement safety cases Admin53605 years 44 weeks
Concern Deaf adoption? Headopted4me34411 year 26 weeks
Constitution day Niels20005 years 45 weeks
dad arrested Janeche2435325 years 48 weeks
Daniel Ibn Zayd Comments on Federici v Pignotti Dismissal and Federici "Response" to Critics Monica Pignotti158133 years 17 weeks
Dear Diary almost_human35775 years 50 weeks
Deprivation (doing without) and how it affects a relationship Kerry103194 years 44 weeks
Der Deutsche Haiti Babylift. Heldentat oder Kinderhandel? Salomon173714 years 24 weeks
disassociation Janeche2430115 years 14 weeks
Do looks matter? Kerry10993 years 8 weeks
Do the terms RAD and Attachment Disorder mean anything to you? Kerry9281262 years 7 weeks

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