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PositionDavid Hedberg is President of CCI silent11386013 years 11 weeks
PositionGlenn DeMots president of Bethany Christian Services Admin2469014 years 42 weeks
PositionSue Hedberg is President CCI silent11328013 years 11 weeks
PositionWilliam J. Blacquiere president of Bethany Christian Services Admin2694014 years 42 weeks
PositionElina Filippova is President of Main Street silent11348013 years 11 weeks
PositionMarco Griffini president of Amici dei Bambini Lulu1817014 years 42 weeks
PositionIvan Jerdev is President Yunona Orphan Relief Fund silent11477013 years 11 weeks
PositionLynda Smith president of 2004 Symposium Lulu1930014 years 42 weeks
PositionElina Filippova is President Adoption Ark silent11753013 years 11 weeks
PositionMaarten Brekelmans chairmain 2007 World Conference Lulu2004014 years 42 weeks
PositionLisa Novak is President One Light Adoptions silent1798013 years 11 weeks
PositionFrancois de Combret president of SERA Romania Lulu2244014 years 42 weeks
PositionNina Heller was President Main Street/Mater Foundation silent11843013 years 10 weeks
PositionDawn M. Geras president of Save Abandoned Babies Foundation Admin1579014 years 41 weeks
PositionVincent Rosini is President Frontier Horizon silent1624013 years 10 weeks
PositionBogdan Simion presidetn FONC Lulu1728014 years 41 weeks
PositionVinola Humphrey is President AAM silent1977013 years 10 weeks
PositionGary Gamer president Holt Lulu2051014 years 40 weeks
PositionSergey Shepelov is President of Faithful Adoption silent11081013 years 10 weeks
PositionJeannene Smith president of Reaching Out Thru International Adoption Lulu2606014 years 40 weeks
PositionDenis Fokin is President and CEO of Loving Stork silent11100013 years 10 weeks
PositionDixie van de Flier Davis president of Adoption Exchange Association Admin1713014 years 39 weeks
PositionNana Saakova is President and Treasurer God's Special Kids silent1910013 years 10 weeks
PositionIvan Jerdev president of Yunona Lulu2350014 years 37 weeks
PositionWilla G Bundy president of Teen Life Skills Center Admin924013 years 10 weeks

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