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PositionThomas Atwood president of NCFA Admin1940014 years 39 weeks
PositionTom DiFilipo president Joint Council on International Children’s Services Lulu2386014 years 39 weeks
PositionFred Riley president of LDS Family Services Admin2725014 years 39 weeks
PositionJim Huey president of The Gladney Fund Admin1693014 years 39 weeks
PositionMarina Mayhew president of Commonwealth Adoption International Admin1938014 years 38 weeks
PositionHannah Wallace President Focus on Adoption Lulu2091014 years 38 weeks
PositionCristian Tabacaru M.D. works for SERA Romania Lulu1839014 years 38 weeks
PositionDave Malutinok Director President and CEO of NCFA Lulu1954014 years 38 weeks
PositionGlenn DeMots president of Bethany Christian Services Admin2440014 years 37 weeks
PositionWilliam J. Blacquiere president of Bethany Christian Services Admin2680014 years 37 weeks
PositionMarco Griffini president of Amici dei Bambini Lulu1797014 years 37 weeks
PositionLynda Smith president of 2004 Symposium Lulu1915014 years 36 weeks
PositionMaarten Brekelmans chairmain 2007 World Conference Lulu1987014 years 36 weeks
PositionFrancois de Combret president of SERA Romania Lulu2226014 years 36 weeks
PositionDawn M. Geras president of Save Abandoned Babies Foundation Admin1563014 years 36 weeks
PositionBogdan Simion presidetn FONC Lulu1713014 years 35 weeks
PositionGary Gamer president Holt Lulu2036014 years 35 weeks
PositionJeannene Smith president of Reaching Out Thru International Adoption Lulu2589014 years 34 weeks
PositionDixie van de Flier Davis president of Adoption Exchange Association Admin1697014 years 34 weeks
PositionIvan Jerdev president of Yunona Lulu2333014 years 31 weeks
Positionbernard Kouchner president Medecins du Monde Lulu1816014 years 30 weeks
PositionPatrick Purtill president of NCFA Admin1913014 years 29 weeks
PositionManjit Pardesi president Miracle Foundation Lulu1902014 years 27 weeks
PositionMelita Cavallo PResident Commissione per le Adozioni INternazionali Lulu1643014 years 27 weeks
PositionRosa Bindi president CAI Lulu1672014 years 27 weeks

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