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South Korea’s central authority on adoption lacks information Niels1721010 years 20 weeks
Money plays too big a role in adoption Niels1248010 years 14 weeks
Genesis Adoptions Niels1058011 years 38 weeks
Lawyers ask appeals court to make class action out of foster care lawsuit Niels1127010 years 14 weeks
Focusing on Children: Providing Counsel to Children in Expedited Proceedings to Terminate Parental Rights Niels1285011 years 30 weeks
Abuse in children's foster care: State officials call for outside review Niels5262010 years 14 weeks
Guatemalan Adoptions Suspended by Overseas Crack-Down Niels862011 years 39 weeks
Target 5 Investigates Alleged Adoption Abuse, Neglect Niels960011 years 29 weeks
Experts worry child deaths will lead to `panic' Niels1471110 years 14 weeks
APSAC Task Force report on Attachment Therapy Niels1063111 years 36 weeks
How can this not be a set-up Niels1150111 years 36 weeks
Coercive Restraint Therapies: A Dangerous Alternative Mental Health Intervention Niels2295111 years 29 weeks
Is it right to take children away from parents at birth? Niels2500110 years 14 weeks
For the Love of Laura Niels1402011 years 25 weeks
Known Consequences of Separating Mother and Child at Birth and Implications for Further Study Niels1011012 years 37 weeks
More adoptive children seeking help at private schools Niels1562211 years 20 weeks
Foster care too often fails to keep kids safe Niels1154012 years 37 weeks
When foster care becomes a business, children may suffer Niels786511 years 19 weeks
To Hug a Porcupine Niels2002711 years 17 weeks
A Critical Look At The Foster Care System: How Great the Need? Niels694011 years 24 weeks
Poor babies Niels1733711 years 19 weeks
A Critical Look At The Foster Care System: How Safe the Service? Niels880011 years 24 weeks
Britain, Australia saying sorry to child migrants Niels3630310 years 3 weeks
A Critical Look At The Foster Care System: How Widespread a Problem? Niels1238011 years 24 weeks
WA, 10th anniversary of the death of Shawn Lowrance Niels1791010 years 9 weeks

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