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ETHIOPIA: Human Trafficking Hub in the Horn of Africa Niels6206011 years 4 weeks
Call to give birth parents contact rights under law Niels20211410 years 50 weeks
Stop fighting over two mommies — who's the daddy? Niels1041013 years 32 weeks
A Sale of Innocents Niels924013 years 20 weeks
Another country, not my own Niels1254010 years 50 weeks
Bonding and Attachment Niels1124213 years 30 weeks
Society for Uniform Adoption Created Niels1297013 years 20 weeks
The Brunswick Baby-farming case Niels801013 years 20 weeks
Adoption boss says ministry puts trade before children Niels2139110 years 50 weeks
127 years ago Niels1293011 years 4 weeks
The chosen ones: The war children born to Nazi fathers in a sinister eugenics scheme speak out Niels3232010 years 50 weeks
How an adoped child benefits its new father and mother Niels1025011 years 4 weeks
A Broker in Babies Niels1678211 years 4 weeks
Ludhiana couple who adopted ‘stolen’ infant held Niels705011 years 4 weeks
Adoption abuse Niels2218413 years 6 weeks
Fundación Sobrevivientes: Nunca mas (Never again) Niels5072011 years 4 weeks
Soldier’s Service Leads to a Custody Battle at Home Niels1161110 years 49 weeks
Child trafficking and laundering Niels3188413 years 6 weeks
Slain father of 17 served probation for adoption fraud Niels664011 years 3 weeks
U.S. couple wanted to adopt Indian boy as servant, court hears Niels1199010 years 49 weeks
Watch Out: New Form Of Human Trafficking Niels1243111 years 3 weeks
White children, pricey goods for adoption Niels786013 years 5 weeks
Babies bred for sale in Nigeria Niels1309011 years 39 weeks
The Christian adoption racket Niels6063310 years 34 weeks
Adoption-records advocates to protest in Phila. Niels2339011 years 3 weeks

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