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Attn: News Director March 28, 2008
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Contact: Triona Guidry

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Sunday March 30, 2008

9:00 PM (EST)

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Jaymie surrendered her son to adoption in 1975 and reunited with him in 1996. The adoption was done through well-known lawyer and baby broker of New York City, Stanley Michelman. Jaymie has been following the practices of Michelman for 30 years.

Seymour Kurtz: an update

While Baby Broker Watch already has a great page on Seymour Kurtz and we don't want to rehash too much of what is already written there, there was still an urge to find more about the current state of his activities. When perusing the website of the Georgia State Department to look up information about another agency, we accidentally stumbled upon his Golden Link Foundation and decided to look into the published documents.

Demonstration / Adoption Education March 29, 2008 TEXAS

A demonstration and sidewalk adoption education event is planned for the evening of March 29, 2008 outside the Worthington Hotel, 200 Main St., downtown Fort Worth. It will be happening before and during the 120th Anniversary Gala for the Edna Gladney Adoption Center.  It is in recognition of their tradition of legislative work to deny adult adoptee access to birth information.

House Bill 4896 in Michigan in second reading infront of House Today!

From Dee Lindeman of Michigan OBC:

Just wanted to let you know that House Bill 4896 is up for it's second reading in front of the full House of Representatives today.  The session starts at noon, and I will try to watch to see what happens.  What I expect will happen (and I am waiting for confirmation from Rep. Wojno's office) is that the bill will be officially withdrawn from consideration and the House members informed that the bill is currently being redrafted.

State seeks to close "A Child's Waiting" Adoption Agency in Ohio

State seeks to close adoption agency

Ohio department to yank A Child's Waiting license; Copley operation to appeal

By Rick Armon
Beacon Journal staff writer

The World wakes up to the dangers of Inter Country adoptions?

Adoptions have recently become difficult or impossible in China, Guatemala, Kazakhstan and Vietnam the main countries that send ‘orphans’ to the United States.

China adoption - worldwide silence

Yeah, folks, live ain't easy for the adoption world.

The Hunan scandal had nicely dried up without too much damage.  Olympics may slow down China this year, but no doubt next year the business will pick up again.

Ofsteds Study into CAFCASS

Inspectors for the child protection arena are always careful to never blame anyone for bad work.. Ofsted though deserves around of applaus for showing just how badly CAFCASS do their work.

An inspection of service provision by the Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service (Cafcass)

to children and families in the East Midlands.

Hands accross the border

In a world where one hand giveth and the other taketh we can find websites like, which claims:

What do YOU mean by 'Open Records'? I want the whole 9 yards

I've just taken about a years holiday from actively trying to get the whole of my adoption file and records of how I came to spend time in care, this has been a 17 year fight so far, I'm about to have another go at getting some more.

I feel a bit like Oliver Twist, asking for more all the time I have the luxury of living in country where we adoptees have had the RIGHT to have a copy of our original birth certificate since 1976 (original in every respect apart from having "Adopted" typed or written in the margin).

MIOBC Plan of action!! Get involved TODAY!!

Do you support open records for adult adoptees? Are you willing to help Michigan achieve equality for Michigan Adopted Adults?

They are putting a call out for anyone that can help with the following:

Didn't yo momma teach you not to lie

Now they've really done it.

The sharks of Amici dei Bambini, an Italian adoption agency which already came up in an earlier discussion, are going to hold an annual meeting in August, in their never ending promotion of adoption. One of the seminars is about demystifying the role of natural families as can be read in the description below.


The list is out - the Hague accreditations of the US State Department

Friday 29 February 2008 the US state department published the agencies accredited or approved for the Hague.

Some of the agencies that didn't make the list are:

Mandatory monitoring

Current adoption practices require a homestudy performed by a licenced social worker, before PAP's are eligible for adoption. Over the years cases have reached the news that demonstrate home studies are an insufficient safe guard. Children have been:

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