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Positive Adoption Language: is this correcting corruption? Kerry251867 years 36 weeks
Protecting children from abuse luke68446 years 6 weeks
Protecting whose identity? Niels35006 years 44 weeks
Q&A: addressing abuses in private re-homings silent152802 years 22 weeks
Question kimette3247 years 27 weeks
Question for admin. How to insert image? kimette116437 years 32 weeks
RE: Hilarious and awful Kerry806 years 26 weeks
Religious question Niels30218 years 23 weeks
Remind me again, fortunateorphan80535 years 15 weeks
Remorse, RAD and Psychopaths Kerry3019176 years 24 weeks
Retaliatory removals jenni4454515 years 11 weeks
Round-Table Discussion About "The WOUND" and The Womb Kerry729378 years 18 weeks
Russian Adopted Child needs more than AP has.....please respond if you can give her help DOP CHIEN93863 years 8 weeks
Sadeem Shargeel - Why was a child trafficker for inter-country adoption in Paksistan not caught earlier? Kerry and Niels231406 years 5 weeks
Sale of Children in Interstate and Foreign Commerce Niels215717 years 46 weeks
Sending a child abroad Kerry63806 years 43 weeks
Sensitive subject Kerry256526 years 21 weeks
sexual abuse also Janeche2445017 years 24 weeks
Siblings in the adoptive family Kerry74306 years 45 weeks
Sick Pups/ What do these people think ... Jared272164 years 40 weeks
Sit, Stay, Beg Kerry89048 years 38 weeks
SNL's spoof: Angelina Jolie and Madonna make adoption news Kerry264805 years 51 weeks
So much for Unification.... Kerry128197 years 33 weeks
Social Networking for Adoption Reformists Kerry2404 years 36 weeks
Social Worker Reports La Ronda142044 years 36 weeks

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