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The dark side of child placement, case by case

When we first started Pound Pup Legacy, in November 2006,  one of our main objectives was to raise public awareness to the problems adoptees face, in particular, abuse within the adoptive home and family. At first, we could not find much formal documentation addressing "abuse after adoption".  According to those who study adoption issues, it's known that abuse in adoptive homes does take place, but very few studies have been dedicated to the subject.


In the book, "Journey of the Adopted Self", Betty Jean Lifton describes "betwixt and between" as being the secret- experience many adoptees keep and feel.  What is real?  What is fantasy?  What is the truth as it exists in each adoption-story?  These are themes lots of adopted authors like to explore...

Masha Allen's attorney withdraws from case

Robert N. Hunn, attorney for Masha Allen in the case against Families Thru International Adoption, inc. (FTIA), Reaching Out Thru International Adoption, inc. (ROTIA), Child Promise, inc. and Jeannene Smith has filed a motion to withdraw with the Federal District Court of New Jersey.

Jeannene Smith fires back

In September we reported about a lawsuit filed on behalf of Masha Allen against Families Thru International Adoption Inc., Child Promise Inc., Reaching Out Thru International Adoption and Jeannene Smith.

Recently Jeannene Smith filed a motion to dismiss in an attempt to counter the lawsuit filed against her.

One-Sided Reality

Just when I think the adoption industry can't get any more one-sided than it already is, I read the 2004 news article, Adoption Nears Reality TV that features the adoption agency, A Child's Waiting.

For television viewers, it is also a weird one, a combination of reality show and tear-jerking drama.

In the name of trust and charity

During our "time-off", I have been researching the history of child abuse within various so-called safe havens for children, and how religion has hurt so many innocent people .

I have been reading blogs written by the abused and comments written on various websites, such as SNAP -- Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, .

Oklahoma DHS corruption

I am back at least for awhile anyway I spent 2 weeks in jail got out then got locked up again got out and now they are saying that I am looking at 3 years in prison. These people want to shut me up in a bad way. Now they are saying that I made a bogus myspace page for the case worker which I didn't do. She has a myspace page but I had nothing to do with it I can only hope that she made it before May of 2008 that would prove I didn't do it I didn't even know her then.

More DHS Corruption

Ok guys I am back I don't know for how long but I am still fighting for justice. I was thrown in jail for 2 weeks no water for over 24 hours and no food for 4 days. The DHS worker I found out used her connections with a friend of hers at the DA's office to have me arrested and thrown in jail. I am back out for now but who knows how long it will take them to come up with another lie to come after me again.

Dana Is Leaving Soon

Ok guys I don't have much time left so I wanted to drop you a line. I am trying to get eveything in order so that I can leave. I will leave my computer with my sister so she can log in let you all know when I go. I can't tell anybody where I am going because I don't want anybody to get harrassed. I told her I would let her know when I am gone and then she will come get my computer and notify all of my friends. Take care all of you and may God be with you.

Your friend, Dana

Easter House files moved to DCFS

When late March we wrote an update about the businesses of Seymour Kurtz, we could not have foreseen how quickly the information we presented would be outdated. Almost immediately after the publication we heard that Kurtz' offices had allegedly been raided by the FBI and later this summer we got news his agencies "Easter House", "Adoption World" and "Birth Hope" had finished operations.

Yesterday we received information that the Easter House records have been handed over to the Illinois Department for Children and Family Services. Those who want to find out more can call DCFS: 1-847-298-9096 ext 29.

Grand Jury letter about DHS fraud

I was told to write a letter to the Grand Jury so they could look into my story so here it is I am posting it so they can't lie and say that I said something I didn't say.

To Whom It May Concern,


I first wanted to put a title like "I feel stupid" but after finishing to write it, I changed it to unbrainwashing.

After discovering the lies on my adoption records, my bullshit meter has been slowly destroyed by a bullshit-message that I believed during almost 25 years.


Masha Allen has filed a suit against the agencies involved in her adoption. Good news for those who want to hold child placement organizations responsible and accountable for the work they are supposed to do.

The defendants in the cace are Families Thru International Adoption, inc. (FTIA), Reaching Out Thru International Adoption, inc. (ROTIA), Child Promise, inc. and Jeannene Smith.

Let's clarify that list for those not too familiar with the Masha Allen case.

A sincere apology to [censored], former CEO of AMREX

Today I received an email from censored, the former executive director of Genesis Adoption and former CEO of AMREX. Supposedly censored didn't want to be mentioned in the the factual information we wrote about her activities and the organizations she had worked for.

This is what she wrote:

Humanitarian consideration case

After we landed in the land of fairy tales, my escort left me to an unknown American woman who took me to a room full of adults. Taking the babies, they were crying, laughing, talking aloud, and showing their new babies to each other. That's what my amother compared to giving birth because these women "were exactly like women giving birth to their babies" and she (my amother) also felt the pain of childbirth when she saw me.

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