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Saying sorry; showing signs of improvement

I was reading a recent piece written by Sherrie Eldridge titled, What Often Melts Adoptee Anger at Birth Parents?  Answer?  A simple apology for the pain caused by the decision to put the child up for adoption. 

Russian suspension of adoption is in the best interest of children

Ever since the case of Artem Justin Hansen made the news last week, the adoption industry has feared a moratorium of adoptions from Russia.

The National Council for Adoption (NCFA), the trade association of Christian adoption service providers, was quick with their response, publishing a statement within 24 hours after the case made the news.

The Joint Council on International Children’s Services (JCICS), the trade association of not-necessarily-Christian adoption service providers, was equally eager to make a statement, followed a couple of days later by a campaign, arrogantly called "We are the truth".

An Orphan's Crusade to Paradise

For some, Paradise is a long lost garden, bound to a time when Man and God walked together. For others, Paradise is the promise of an idyllic afterlife. For Lydia Schatz, Paradise was a hell hole in the northern foothills of California's Central Valley.

Lydia Schatz was one of three children adopted from Liberia in 2007, by Kevin and Elizabeth Schatz. Lydia Schatz is no more. On February 6 of this year, Lydia died on her way to a hospital. She had been beaten for hours with a length of plastic tubing, for the mispronunciation of the word “pulled”, during one of the children's homeschooling sessions.

Lydia's sister, Zacharia received similar beatings that same day. Lucky for her, she made it to the hospital alive, and survived the torture her adoptive parents administered.

Adoption agencies adminster cruel and unusual punishment?

Over the years we have posted extensively about abuse in adoptive families, and within our archives collected information about many different abuse cases. Abuse in adoptive families comes in many shapes and forms, ranging from neglect to deprivation, sexual abuse, exploitation and physical abuse.

When looking at the physical abuse cases, there seem to be two patterns that often emerge. Children, especially babies, beaten or shaken violently, and cases related to so-called "discipline".

Just two weeks ago, the California town of Paradise, was shocked by the abuse taking place in their community, when Lydia Schatz was "disciplined" to death by her adoptive parents for the mispronunciation of the word "pulled".

PAL -- more word-play

It seems from now on, those criticizing the adoption industry need to embrace the phrasology used by those adoption advocates who prefer to use Positive Adoption Language when they write/speak.  Away with child trafficking or illegal adoptions... they look very bad and are not the sort of phrases AP's will want to use.

Breeding grounds

I try not to do it... I try not to look, knowing how it will trigger me.

I try not to read about infertile women looking for babies, but I did it today, because I'm a masochist, and it seems like today is a good day for pain.

Today's find involves yet another infertile blogger, advising others how to find a baby.  Yes, Virginia, there are many like you, wanting to know oh-so-desperately, "what needs to happen so a baby can be delivered, ASAP?"

Adagio Health and the home study for the first adoption of Masha Allen

December 31, 2009 the litigation team in Masha Allen's case against the agencies involved in her adoption by Matthew Mancuso, filed a Motion for Leave to File Amended Complaint. This motion for the first time makes direct allegations against Adagio Health, a health care provider in Pennsylvania, which also performs adoption services. Currently Adagio Health, which at the time of Masha's adoption went under the name  Family Health Council, inc., cooperates mainly with the Gladney Center for Adoption.

The end of Masha Allen's second adoption

Over the last two years we have written extensively about the case of Masha Allen, culminating in the article The untold story of Masha Allen, which attempts to explain the circumstances of both Masha's adoption by Matthew Mancuso and her adoption by Faith Allen.

Today a new development emerged when this document was filed with the district court of New Jersey. The document is filed in a case against the agencies responsible for the placement of Masha with Matthew Mancuso, and asks the court to amend the pleadings to reflect a new representative party Plaintive, Timothy J. Sloan.

The reason for this change in representation is the fact that Faith Allen's parental rights and duties have forever been terminated in the Court of common please of Cambria County, Pennsylvania orphans court division, as of December 3, 2009.

The document filed today makes the following statement:

Masha Allen: another part of the true story

In September we published the untold story of Masha Allen, an attempt to make sense out of all information published about Masha, well knowing there will never be a definitive story.

Until now, very little was known about Masha's Russian history. The Wikipedia page about Masha, which was removed two years ago, made the following statement:

"They spoke so highly of you"

I remember when I first wanted to tell my closest friend about what was going on at home, with my Afamily.

I remember wanting so badly to tell someone the truth.

I remember hurting and hating so much, and wanting to get rid of the bile that became a constant in my mouth and throat.

I remember wanting so much to be free of the burden inside of me.

But I couldn't.

I couldn't say a thing to those who saw my life...my world... so damn differently.

The untold story of Masha Allen

How a Russian girl ended up in an adoptive house of horrors, TWICE

In February 2005, Toronto police made an unprecedented move to further the investigation of a child pornography case they had been working on for three years. Hoping to rescue a girl from the ongoing sexual abuse, they took the unusual step to release several of the two hundred images they had in their possession. The photos were altered in such a way that only the scenery was shown, hoping this would lead to new leads in their investigation.

The media was eager to pick up on the story and the photos made the front page of many news paper and televised news programs paid extensive attention to the case. Soon after the release of the photos, the location depicted, in a twist of irony, was identified as Disney World. The victim, not visible in any of the photos presented was immediately labeled "Disney World Girl".

Therapeutic intervention in the Masha Allen case

When last week Jaycee Dugard re-appeared after having been abducted for 18 years, her well-being and her future were one of the main considerations of the authorities involved. The New York Times ran an article For Longtime Captives, a Complex Road Home, in which several therapists shared their view about cases like these.

Allowances and Paying for Mistakes

I read something yesterday that caught my eye:

Executions were public spectacles, with the wealthy hiring balconies to get better views, and it did not take much to book yourself a spot at the gallows.  Rough justice - Victorian style

The common response to abuse in adoptive families

Whenever a child dies at the hands of its adoptive parents, the various news outlets that cover such crime,  often ask "experts" from organizations like the Evan B Donaldson adoption institute, the Joint Council on International Children's Services and even the National Council for Adoption for commentary.

Masha Allen and the faith-based agenda

Three weeks ago we reported about the motion to withdraw as filed by Robert N. Hunn with the Federal District Court of New Jersey.

In the mean time several new facts have emerged that call for an update, but before going into details let me first give a brief introduction to the case for those unfamiliar with its details.

In 1998 Masha was adopted from Rusia by a single man from Pennsylvania, by the name of Matthew Mancuso. Mancuso had applied for adoption with the Families Thru International Adoption (FTIA) office in New Jersey in August 1997. This office was run by Jeannene Smith.

FTIA and Jeannene Smith discontinued their cooperation early 1998, after which Jeannene Smith founded Reaching Out Thru International Adoption (ROTIA). As a result of this break-up, Manuco moved his application for adoption to ROTIA, which at the time was not yet a licensed agency.

Pound Pup Legacy