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Nepal -- Fake police document to adopt a girl

Fake police document to adopt a girl

Original article (in Nepali) with photo of child:

By Pratima Baskota

Kantipur Daily

Kathmandu, June 22, 2010

Translated from Nepali

Nepal -- Victims of Balmandir

Victims of Balmandir

In March of 2004, a mysterious slowdown began in Nepali adoptions. Few (if any) placement agencies were upfront about what was going on. Most spun one lie after another.

Nepal -- Trade of Children

Trade of Children (Voice of Children)

PEAR Nepal:

Some Disturbing Allegations from Voice of Children

Nepal -- Paper Orphans & The Helpless Children Protection Home

The Special Commission on the practical operation of the Hague Convention is screening the Terre des Hommes/UNICEF Nepal documentary Paper Orphans on June 17th:

Romanian is still being pressured to export children.

In 2001 Romania placed a ban on Inter Country adoptions of its children after massive corruption was discovered within these kinds of adoptions. Ever since the ban came into place the Country has been unjustly pressurized by the leading Countries involved in Inter- Country Adoptions. France, Italy, Spain, Israel and the US and UK have all lobbied to get this ban lifted. The politicians in these Countries involved have interests in adoption agencies and in many cases adoptive parents too.

PAL -- more word-play

It seems from now on, those criticizing the adoption industry need to embrace the phrasology used by those adoption advocates who prefer to use Positive Adoption Language when they write/speak.  Away with child trafficking or illegal adoptions... they look very bad and are not the sort of phrases AP's will want to use.

Romania’s lost orphans adopted abroad are they dead or alive now; who knows, who cares?

For almost 20 years the large concerns interested in International adoptions, their foreign supporters and followers along with many Agencies and NGOs that worked in inter country adoptions before the Romanian ban on such adoptions have constantly denied the public Worldwide the truth of what happened to the thousands Romanian children adopted and exported abroad between 1991 and 1997.

Are international adoption critics really wrong?

Yesterday we learned an upcoming article of Elizabeth Bartholet is quoting a post made on Pound Pup Legacy, so we got curious about what she had to say. It turned out we had already read the article in an earlier draft, which at the time not yet contained a reference to our website.

On the one hand we am glad we are being noticed, on the other hand the article again pointed out to us the ivory tower from which Ms. Bartholet operates.

The article is called International adoption: The human rights position and is a 39 page long plea for the expansion of inter-country adoption. The most remarkable section of the article is called: Why the International Adoption Critics are Wrong, of which especially the subsection Adoption Abuses Don’t Justify Limiting International Adoption is especially mind boggling naive and devoid of any realization what inter-country adoption is like outside the legal frame work.

Chinese children abducted for adoption abroad

Despite the fact the Hague Treaty on Inter country adoption which China ratified prohibits all forma of payment to biological parents it is clear that children are being trafficked for adoption from within the Country for huge sums of money, thus again the Hague treaty is proven not again to protect children in difficulty.

Increasing the incentives

I read yet another article about the ways in which adoption agencies work WITH certain companies/business to help assist Americans interested in international adoption.

The dark side of child placement, case by case

When we first started Pound Pup Legacy, in November 2006,  one of our main objectives was to raise public awareness to the problems adoptees face, in particular, abuse within the adoptive home and family. At first, we could not find much formal documentation addressing "abuse after adoption".  According to those who study adoption issues, it's known that abuse in adoptive homes does take place, but very few studies have been dedicated to the subject.

Adoption, Child traficking and the Orphan issue

In the last couple of weeks many articles appeared in the various news papers about child trafficking for the purpose of interternational adoption in India.

Nigerian woman bought a baby for £150 to qualify for a council house in Britain

A housing support worker, who smuggled a baby from Nigeria in a "callous" bid to get a free flat, was jailed for 26 months in the UK today.

Peace Sandberg, 40, branded "manipulative and a stranger to the truth" by the judge, is believed by police to have paid £150 for the three-month-old boy in her native country.

12 children sold for 250 UK pounds each

Italian mother breaks silence to confess she sold her 12 children for £250 each

By NICK PISA  Last updated at 22:49pm on 6th April 2008

A woman has admitted giving birth to 12 children and then selling them for £250 each to wealthy couples.

The children were born as Caterina Annarumma conducted a 30-year affair with a married man. She kept her secret for decades before confessing to police this year.