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How to Screen Adoptive and Foster Parents - a review

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How can we prevent the next 500 abuse cases?

Today we added the 500th case to our abuse case archive. This dubious honor goes to a case of sexual abuse of a ten-year-old girl adopted by Jon Paul Reid. Among the 500 cases we have archived over the past three years, this case, unfortunately, doesn't stand out as particularly exceptional. There have been many children like the Reid girl before, and since little is done to prevent these situations, we will likely have to document several similar cases in the future.

When we started collecting cases of abuse in child placement, we weren't certain about the extent of the problem. In fact the initiative for this archive was partially inspired by the desire to find out the extent of the problem.

Is obesity reason to remove, and perhaps medicate?

An article found in UK's Mailonline features the story of a family broken and separated by social workers because the parents have many obese children.  According to media reports, immediately after birth, the newest addition to the "very large" family was taken away by a social worker, and that newborn infant was put in foster care.  Perhaps we are to presume the placement was a preventative measure, and the removal of the parent's older children was in the name of "a child's best interest".

The common response to abuse in adoptive families

Whenever a child dies at the hands of its adoptive parents, the various news outlets that cover such crime,  often ask "experts" from organizations like the Evan B Donaldson adoption institute, the Joint Council on International Children's Services and even the National Council for Adoption for commentary.

Sisters terrorised and abused for years despite warnings from social workers and teacher

A MAN who continued to beat, terrorise and sexually molest two little sisters – even though social workers and a teacher expressed their concerns – was jailed for ten years yesterday.

Judge Lord Kinclaven told Norman Carden: "The word abuse is barely adequate to describe the despicable conduct set out in these charges."

Mr Justice Munby

Mr Justice Munby at the High Court said no baby could be removed "as the result of a decision taken by officials in some room". A voice of sanity in a web of madness. The baby boy was born healthy and taken from his 18 year old mother about two hours after his birth without any court order having been made.

UK Decoy Tactics

Over the past two years I have been to Internet adoption sites almost daily. Adoption related forums give great insight to how adoption effects people.

It soon became clear that laws and issues surrounding adoption differ from country to country.

One thing that surprised me was how the UK was perceived. The majority believing that the UK has no adoption problems. Well, I know from where I'm sitting there is a problem or three!

I decided to take a trip around the adoption web world with foreign eyes.

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