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POV from the pedophile's love-interest, not the reporter

The story of a NJ foster-father, (now deceased), is making headlines in the US this weekend as memoirs of Margaux  Fragaso ("Tiger,Tiger") are making the news this weekend.  [After receiving her Ph.D. in 2009, Fragaso was able to sell the piece that became her dissertation, and already translation rights have been sold to publishers in Italy, France, The Netherlands, and China. ]

New information coming forward about Tina Anderson

Ex-Realtor to appear in court on rape charges
Suspect was once community figure
By Trent Spiner / Monitor staff
June 16, 2010

Once a prominent Realtor and member of the Trinity Baptist Church in Concord, Ernest Willis is expected to face a judge today on charges that he raped and impregnated a 15-year-old girl he met through the church.

Tina Anderson

Imagine for a moment that you’re a fundamentalist pastor who has just learned that a 15 year old girl in your congregation has been raped and is pregnant by a 39 year old member of your church. Now try to imagine what kind of thought process might lead you to decide that the proper way to proceed is to bring that teenager before the entire church to apologize for her part in being so thoughtless as to get raped and end up pregnant. Then imagine forcing her to write a letter to the wife of the rapist apologizing for your part in his crime.

PAL -- more word-play

It seems from now on, those criticizing the adoption industry need to embrace the phrasology used by those adoption advocates who prefer to use Positive Adoption Language when they write/speak.  Away with child trafficking or illegal adoptions... they look very bad and are not the sort of phrases AP's will want to use.

"They spoke so highly of you"

I remember when I first wanted to tell my closest friend about what was going on at home, with my Afamily.

I remember wanting so badly to tell someone the truth.

I remember hurting and hating so much, and wanting to get rid of the bile that became a constant in my mouth and throat.

I remember wanting so much to be free of the burden inside of me.

But I couldn't.

I couldn't say a thing to those who saw my world... so damn differently.

The legacy sexual abuse left me

I keep reading in various articles and blogs how PAP's do not want to adopt children who have a history with sexual abuse, because of their "special needs".  The irony for me is knowing so many times the child removed from a home/family is often sexually abused within the sanctum of so-called safety.  So where does this leave so many sexually abused children?  Those who need trustworthy dedicated adults in their life are the least likely to get it because of sex.  Crazy, ain't it?

In the name of trust and charity

During our "time-off", I have been researching the history of child abuse within various so-called safe havens for children, and how religion has hurt so many innocent people .

I have been reading blogs written by the abused and comments written on various websites, such as SNAP -- Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, .

Learning more about the victims of post-placement abuse

When I first entered the adoption web-circuit, almost 10 years ago, I was very naive and innocent in a very odd and peculiar way.  Truthfully, computers and the internet were literally brand-new to me, (I had never owned or used a computer before 1998), so I actually believed it was sheer providence that within the first days of fooling around with internet options, I found adoption.con's website.  The adult adoptee support section, (where personal adoption/relationship issues could be openly discussed), was exactly what I wanted since I had just recently decided it was time for me to to start my own Search and Recovery.  When I first became an actively posting-member, I was stunned.  Never before in my life did I ever experience so many warm and friendly welcomings...

What's wrong with Mentoring Programs?

After a while, I get tired of reading about the adoption-option being in the best interest of the child.  In many cases, adoption of very young children is far more about feeding into the PAP want and need to "parent", than helping those who need a helping hand due to death, violence or accidental tragedy.

Caught: Paedophile actor pictured abusing boys

A suspected paedophile targeted in an international manhunt was today arrested by police in the United States, Interpol revealed.

The arrest was made two days after Interpol, the international police agency based appealed for public help to track down the man.

Sisters terrorised and abused for years despite warnings from social workers and teacher

A MAN who continued to beat, terrorise and sexually molest two little sisters – even though social workers and a teacher expressed their concerns – was jailed for ten years yesterday.

Judge Lord Kinclaven told Norman Carden: "The word abuse is barely adequate to describe the despicable conduct set out in these charges."

EU Marks Universal Children's Day

11/20/07 - EU Marks Universal Children's Day

November 20, 2007

Pound Pup Legacy