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Wrongful Adoption

Hello my name's Ashley i'm an american citizen who married a brazilian citizen. My husband is from curitiba,Brazil all his life we thought his adoptive "mom" legally adopted him little did we know he was a black market baby. Gloria Levy came from Isreal to usa in the 60's she had 2 illegal abortions causing infections on her fallopian tubes so she couldn't have biological children, she however lied to anyone who asked her why she couldn't have kids she would say "i don't know."  In 1984 she flew from Los Angelos,CA to Curitiba,Brazil to buy a baby.

My daughter in-law taken from Santiago Chile

Our family is looking for anyone who has information on twin girls taken from Santiago, Chile. They lived with Patrica and Denise Zuvic as Patrica's children at the time of the closing of Today's Adoption Agency and placed in an orphanage by the state. Does anyone have any information on this set of twins? If so, please let us know.

Pound Pup Legacy