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"A little bundle of cash"

Over the years, I have read and heard many-a-story from birth-mothers and adoptees.... stories that would make your bones chill, your stomach lurch, and your faith in humanity all but escape the realm of all possibility.

I thought I heard and saw the worst of the worst..... and then I'm humbled by the news someone else presents me.

I strongly urge others to read the story of how some mothers are treated, how some children are obtained, and how "Adoption" (and it's "good" name) does NOT bring positive images to my long-suffering brain.

Dinner or Dessert: Which do you prefer?

I grew-up knowing how to cook.  Correction.  I learned how to cook, by default.  I remember my grandmother taught me how to bake.  Cooking and baking are two different things.  One is a science; the other is to taste.

Anyone ever have a salty Angle Food Cake?  Or sour whipped cream?

The thing I love most about my grandmother's cooking is simple:  I had to earn her trust to learn how to cook like her.

It took thirteen years to earn that privledge. 

How do you wear your hair?

Short, long, covered or curled?

It's no secret a woman's hair is her crowned jewel, as most orthodox religions will require their women to cover (or even shave) their locks before the presence of other men.


I'm thinking it's a jealousy-thing.

Perhaps they don't want other men looking at, or grabbing (like cave-men) their women.

Perhaps long flowing hair is a sign of health and beauty... of strength and virility in genes that a woman possesses, and that's a secret a man wants to keep all to himself and his concubine.

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