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Is Elton John joining the celebrity adoption band-wagon?

Word is out 62 year old living music legend Elton John and his husband "would love" to adopt a 14-month old boy from Ukraine.  Apparently the HIV positive child living in an orphanage won the hearts of both Elton and David  and even managed to change the star's mind about adoption.  [According to news reports, in the the past, the famous musician did not feel his lifestyle of frequent traveling would be fair for a child.]

"Staff, fetch me the child I won from Africa!"

Madonna has been granted all celebrity AP privileges that go with Mercy's adoption from Malawi.

My personal favorite part of the fan-fare welcoming of Mercy into the home(s) of mother Madonna:

Madonna's lawyer, Alan Chinula, said the singer would not personally fetch the child but would send her staff.

"She might leave any time next week, Madonna would not come to collect (Chifundo) but she will travel with her officials," he said.

A new spin to the old-style of celebrity adoptions?

According to tabloid accounts, the fathers of the children who starred in Danny Boyle's Slumdog Millionaire are wanting to cash-in the value of their star children.
There's Mohammad Ismail, father of  ten year old Azharuddin, who is quoted as saying:

International Adoptions Face Long Delays

Dorothy and Douglas Hennessey decided to adopt a second child from China in 2004, when their first daughter, Maya, was 2 years old.

Based on their experience with Maya — whose adoption took 14 months — they expected she would be 3 or 4 when her sister arrived. Instead, it was three years before Georgia arrived — which she did on Dec. 19, when Maya was 5 1/2 .

Poor little bastards are we.

Cllr Shireen Ritchie, Cabinet Member for Family and Children's Services and the driving force behind Chelsea's middle class adoption team. What a woman and what a world she lives in.


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