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Adoption and Altruism

I've been thinking about the many ways in which adoption gets sold to the public, and one of my favorite misleading paths adoption advocates like to take is the one that teaches newcomers adoption is an altruistic decision, made by people who really care about the lives of children.

While there are various formal social studies/essays written about the stigma of Adoptive Parent and Birth Mother status, I found an excellent blurb that explained, very clearly, why adoption is altruistic from an evolutionary perspective. 

Alliance for the Study of Adoption and Culture (ASAC) conference screens racist misogynistic... maternity camp propaganda video

(Niels kindly asked if I would move a copy of this piece over from my personal blog. I originally published this yesterday.)

Religious Influence

Many years ago, I had many discussions with a first-mother who lost her son, first through adoption, then later to suicide.

Our phone conversations were especially hard because I could hear the sob in her voice.  Her voice sounded like that of a child... yet her words written on adoption forums read like she was a very well-informed profoundly strong woman.  Like me, (at the time), she was a warrior in words, but a weepy child in private.

Adoption Services

I try not to discuss religion with people, because I know it's a personal topic based on subjective knowledge of one's own denomination.  Religion far too often starts many heated debates, which in my mind ruins perfectly peaceful discussions.  It's not my wish or intention to start arguments.  My purpose is simple:  discuss the problems organized religion causes in terms of Bible interpretation, and how that influences family dynamics.  For instance, where in the Bible does God say the taking of another woman's baby (the fruit of a woman's womb) is a

Maternity Homes, and their special services

If child child migration and orphan trains weren't enough, profit through new-placement got cloaked under a new scheme in the family-making business machine:  Maternity Homes.

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