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Stop The Children In Families First Act of 2013

Late last week, Senator Mary Landrieu launched the latest initiative of the adoption lobby in congress, with the introduction of The Children In Families First Act of 2013.

The bill is intended to counteract the decline in inter-country since 2004, a trend that has many prospective adopters worried and cuts heavily into the revenues of  adoption service providers.

The inter-country adoption lobby has been in full blown panic over this decline for several years now.

Already in 2009, a legislative attempt was made to curb the downward trend by means of the Families for Orphans Act. This effort failed miserably, but now the adoption lobby has regrouped with new blood and fresh money.

The United States House of Representatives recipient of Demons of Adoption Awards

For seventeen years, in America, November has been earmarked as National Adoption Awareness Month. Its origins can be found in an initiative by Gov. Dukakis of Massachusetts in 1976. His adoption awareness week was promoted to the national level by President Reagan, and with President Clinton's approval, the entire month of November became the official month to honor and promote the merits of adoption, and bring more public awareness to otherwise little known facts and figures related to adoption laws, practices, and adopted people.

143 million orphans and the adoption agenda

For years adoption advocates and adoption agencies have used the claim that there are 143 million orphans in the world, based upon an estimate made by Unicef, to further the agenda of inter-country adoption.

Joint Council on International Children’s Services (JCICS). a trade association of adoption service providers, claims: Deprived of a basic of human right, these unknown children are denied the nurturing needed to thrive as children and later as members of our global society.

Loving Shepherd Ministries, a Christian adoption advocacy organization speaks of an orphan crises and says on its website: Over 143 million orphans live in the world today, many of them struggling to survive in the worst of conditions.

Congressional support for inter-country adoption

Members of Congress introduce legislation related to inter-country adoption, they jointly write letters to urge actions being taken when countries have closed their borders for inter-country adoption.

The following table shows those senators and representatives active on the issue of inter-country adoption and the issues they promote.

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