Shame blog entries

When does it pay to be a "good girl"?

I grew-up in a very old-world traditional family, where "good girls" don't behave in a way that would bring shame or embarrassment to the family name.

Oddly enough, I was birthed by a woman who, according to my amother, had no morals. It seems the only decent thing my mother did was not have an abortion.

The Wonders of adoption.

Adoption is wonderful; you can choose the sex of the child!

When she received my picture, she said that she didn’t want a boy (my head was shaved on the picture). She called the adoption agency and told them that she asked for a girl. They replied that it was a girl. She told me she loved me immediately after knowing that I was a girl.


Child of the swinging sixties

A child of the swinging 60s’
a mother all alone,
no one to offer any help
and a father marked unknown.

However, could she keep her child?
When all around screamed shame,
society frowned upon it
and along adoption came.

A problem to correct
decisions for them to make,
unfit, unwed mother
give birth for them to take.

Middle class wealthy family
the balance seems just right,
rid the shameless mother
leave her nothing left to fight.

Pound Pup Legacy