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The most terrifiying "therapy" iv ever been thru

When I was 13 years old my parents an I flew out to colorado. Unbenounced to me I was going to go to therapy at the attachment center in evergreen colorado. My dr......neil feinburg. The first day I was there this man scared me worse than iv ever been scared in my whole life. He strattled me as I sat on the couch and screamed and yelled in my face. I was crying and begging for him to get off of me but he wouldnt. I cried for mama to get him off me because he was hurting and scaring me. But she wouldnt. This whole holding therapy is a bunch of BS!!!!

The Emperor strikes back: Pound Pup Legacy shut down over information about Ronald Federici

Yesterday around 9 PM CET, we discovered our website was no longer displaying any of the content we worked so hard for writing and collecting, but instead showed a grim message saying "This Domain ( Has Been Disabled".

Upon further inquiry with our hosting provider it seemed a complained had been filed over a comment that listed information from the Virginia Department of Health Professions, containing some of the licensing information of Ronald S. Federici. The complaint stated that we had listed personal information of aforementioned person, which was in violation of the terms of service and as a result of that our website had been taken down.

When numbers don't apply

When perusing the internet for information about the incidence of abuse in adoptive families it's impossible not to come across the scribblings of the apologists:

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