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"Who else but a true Christian would take a stranger into their home??"

This is the rhetorical question I read on page 26 of Erin Siegal's book, Finding Fernanda.  This question was asked by a real (non-fictional) mother.  I found myself unable to read much further, as the answer to this question made me wonder how many times religion was used to excuse corrupt behavior.

Joint Council on International Children's services on the wrong side of history again

Last week the Children and Youth Affairs Office of the Ethiopian Ministry of Women's Affairs (MOWA) announced their intent to bring down the number of children placed for intercountry adoptions by 90%, starting March 10, 2011. This decision is not only predictable, it was long overdue.

Since the year 2000, American adoptions from Ethiopia have seen a more than 26 fold increase:

Warning: Free Searches/Services (with a hidden plan)

This morning I checked recent posts on the PPL pages and found a very nice blog-piece written by a person claiming to offer free services to those who lost a family member in El Salvador.  Note, no private email or PM was sent to myself, Niels, or Admin, asking if advertisement for a service for victims can be posted in a blog.


What WILL they do next?

The more I read about the ten Baptists, waiting for word in Haiti, the more I think about Scott and Karen Banks.  The Banks thought they too were providing better lives for poor children.   In fact, they chose to make it their business to take poor children, from poor parents, and sell those Samoan children to those willing (and able) to pay the tens of thousands of dollars necessary to obtain a so-called orphaned child.

Preliminary inter-country adoption statistics of the US

This week preliminary figures for the number of children adopted from abroad were made public. Not surprisingly the downward trend continued, and it is to be expected that in there were at least 5000 inter-country adoptions less in FY 2009 than in the previous year.

A big contributor to the decrease is Guatamala, which in 2008 still exported 4100 children and has since stopped inter-country adoptions, except for those cases that were pending. It is to be expected some 750 children have been adopted from Guatemala in 2009.

After having a peak of sending 7900 children in 2005, China's numbers have dropped ever since. In FY 2008, the number was down to 3900 and in 2009 the number further decreased to 3000, according to preliminary data.

Playing both sides of the fence?

Yesterday, 26 February 2008, Terre des Hommes Switzerland presented a new report Adoption: at what cost? 

Disappearance of newborn babies for illegal adoption in Europe

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Do those people ever think about the mothers, the families, the children?

No, it is all about getting children for adoption - and legalising a perfect agency run adoption industry.
Exploitation of the poor, modern slavery, child laundering - you choose!

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