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Nepal -- Dal Bahadur Phadera & the suppressed UNICEF report

Dal Bahadur Phadera & the suppressed UNICEF report (PEAR Nepal)

UNICEF Nepal's suppressed Humla report is now available on the web.

The reason UNICEF Nepal suppressed (i.e., never published) their 2005 report is unclear.

Nor is it clear why trafficked Nepali children were left at the Michael Job Centre, Tamil Nadu, for over six years.

Nepal -- Duelling videos on Humla trafficker Dal Bahadur Phadera

Duelling videos -- Humla trafficker Dal Bahadur Phadera

Reprinted from PEAR Nepal:

Duelling videos on Humla trafficker Dal Bahadur Phadera

First, from the Esther Benjamins Trust:

23 Nepali girls rescued from 'mission'

Our September rescue operation which freed 23 Nepali girls has been vindicated by the Child Welfare Council (CWC) in India.

The CWC has ordered the closure of the centre from which the children were freed.

Massive (partial) victory for adoptees from India and their human rights!

An incredibly important Supreme Court decision has come out of India on Monday!

I have no real time to write about it all at the moment, so instead, I'm going to pull a variety of quotes out of some of the articles from the past day or so to lay out the outlines of what has just taken place.

The ruling comes in a case brought by Arun Dohle of Against Child Trafficking or ACT (which has long been listed in my links list. They have been doing critically important human rights work for both adopted people and their families.)

Please note that while the news reports are dismissive of Dohle's "lineage plea," what the court actually ruled was that he would still be able to file a suit for seeking relief.

Certainly not a full victory by any means, ( at least not yet,) but when it comes to establishing the absolute right of Indian adoptees to their documentation, the high court finally gave over full access, rebuffing arguments by the agency/NGO claiming adoptees have no right to such or that their files should be covered by "confidentiality"or "mother's privacy."

A new spin to the old-style of celebrity adoptions?

According to tabloid accounts, the fathers of the children who starred in Danny Boyle's Slumdog Millionaire are wanting to cash-in the value of their star children.
There's Mohammad Ismail, father of  ten year old Azharuddin, who is quoted as saying:

Holy Cow

Today, Forbes in their never ending urge to report about unnecessarily rich people, published its annual list of wealthiest people in the world.  

Name Age Country Net worth Primary source of wealth

Warren Buffett



Playing both sides of the fence?

Yesterday, 26 February 2008, Terre des Hommes Switzerland presented a new report Adoption: at what cost? 



Ouders Madeleine krijgen opnieuw geld


What do they have in common:

Their child was stolen!

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