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Are international adoption critics really wrong?

Yesterday we learned an upcoming article of Elizabeth Bartholet is quoting a post made on Pound Pup Legacy, so we got curious about what she had to say. It turned out we had already read the article in an earlier draft, which at the time not yet contained a reference to our website.

On the one hand we am glad we are being noticed, on the other hand the article again pointed out to us the ivory tower from which Ms. Bartholet operates.

The article is called International adoption: The human rights position and is a 39 page long plea for the expansion of inter-country adoption. The most remarkable section of the article is called: Why the International Adoption Critics are Wrong, of which especially the subsection Adoption Abuses Don’t Justify Limiting International Adoption is especially mind boggling naive and devoid of any realization what inter-country adoption is like outside the legal frame work.

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