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Host an Orphan, (and mess with a child's head), Program

 The introductory sentence reads benign enough:

If you’ve ever felt blessed for everyday things in life that are easy to take for granted, like family, you may appreciate the warm thoughts behind‘s Summer Miracles program.

[From:  Host an Orphaned Child this Summer, April 5, 2011 ]

The survival instinct of non-profit organizations

Last night I read Cycle of Failure: HOW MICHIGAN KEEPS “THROWING THE FIGHT” FOR CHILDREN – AND HOW TO MAKE THE STATE A CONTENDER AGAIN, a report written by the National Coalition for Child Protection Reform (NCCPR) about the foster care system in Michigan.

Not for Profit?

In our never ending quest for information about the adoption industry, we started plowing through the IRS 990 forms of the various adoption related organizations using the  website. We were already aware that the non-profit status of the organizations doesn't imply a non-profit attitude of the people working within those organizations.

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