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The Americans, the Russian boy, and the Russian adoption authorities

Recently, the adoption blogosphere has become abuzz with the case featuring a Christian family wanting to adopt, a Russian boy with Down Syndrome, and the Russian government.

Greg and Tesney Davis, a couple from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, seem to believe their desire to adopt this "special" boy is being blocked by the Russian court, and their story has made small-time news. The news-media version of the story begins with the following three lines:

"This child is better off just staying in an institution than having a forever family."
That's basically what a judge had to say after a hopeful and prayerful Alabama family was questioned last week in a European court room. Questioned by judge and prosecutor. Questioned for FIVE HOURS.

Apparently the prosecutor and judge were having a hard time understanding why the couple would want this particular little boy

Human Rights, as they relate to adoption, family, and children

The more I see articles presenting the arguments for and/or against gay (LGBT) adoption, the more I get annoyed by this mythical notion clouding the minds of the masses, suggesting all people have "the right" to adopt a child.  A human right to adopt?  Can we please get serious?   [This mythical thinking reminds me of the comical illusion created (and perpetuated) by the adoption industry, suggesting <

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