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In the book, "Journey of the Adopted Self", Betty Jean Lifton describes "betwixt and between" as being the secret- experience many adoptees keep and feel.  What is real?  What is fantasy?  What is the truth as it exists in each adoption-story?  These are themes lots of adopted authors like to explore...

Learning more about the victims of post-placement abuse

When I first entered the adoption web-circuit, almost 10 years ago, I was very naive and innocent in a very odd and peculiar way.  Truthfully, computers and the internet were literally brand-new to me, (I had never owned or used a computer before 1998), so I actually believed it was sheer providence that within the first days of fooling around with internet options, I found adoption.con's website.  The adult adoptee support section, (where personal adoption/relationship issues could be openly discussed), was exactly what I wanted since I had just recently decided it was time for me to to start my own Search and Recovery.  When I first became an actively posting-member, I was stunned.  Never before in my life did I ever experience so many warm and friendly welcomings...

What do you know about good adoptive parenting?

Ask the average person, "What do you know about adoption?" and more than likely, the response will reflect a sentiment that shows a superficial knowledge of child-placement, and the business that goes behind the selling of children to other families within our society.  In the microcosm of Adoptionland, there are laws based on contract-agreements, and deals made during times of duress, and as we all too often see in Adoptionland, there are profit-making agendas that keep putting the immediate desires of the highest bidders before the long-term needs of children that have become little more than poorly handled cargo, trafficked to whatever place that child is told to go.

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