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Becoming a mother

Today I read a blog written by an Adoptive Mother, who claims it took six months to write a piece about mothering a newly adopted child from Ethiopia.

Looking more closely at angry adoptees

A series of comments have been made in a very busy thread following the article, Lid lifts on the anguish of China's stolen generation.  As more members of foster/adoption community have added their personal experiences and opinions, the various issues behind angry adoptees became noted.

Cutting the cord

Are we born with the natural ability to love and parent?

I'm not so sure.  For me, I had to learn how to love my children... but that was easy, because they grew inside me.  As I learned each stage of development, I grew a deeper appreciation for what was happening to my own body, and I was better able to prepare myself for each baby entering my life.  I also got a better perspective of what my own natural mother endured for the sake of having me.  I was humbled by the birthing experience, as I think most women are.

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