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How can we prevent the next 500 abuse cases?

Today we added the 500th case to our abuse case archive. This dubious honor goes to a case of sexual abuse of a ten-year-old girl adopted by Jon Paul Reid. Among the 500 cases we have archived over the past three years, this case, unfortunately, doesn't stand out as particularly exceptional. There have been many children like the Reid girl before, and since little is done to prevent these situations, we will likely have to document several similar cases in the future.

When we started collecting cases of abuse in child placement, we weren't certain about the extent of the problem. In fact the initiative for this archive was partially inspired by the desire to find out the extent of the problem.

Another adoptee dies: What's taking place in Bakersfield?

Today I learned about yet another child who died at the hands of an adoptive parent. Since we started the abuse cases section we found out about 198 children that died because of abuse or neglect while being placed out (70 of which in foster care and 128 adopted).

Last Sunday a boy by the name of Kevin Michael King died in Bakersfield, California at the hands of his adoptive mother from blunt force to the chest and abdomen.

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