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Barbie, as advertised in Adoptionland

Not too long ago I discovered a sales-pitch found only in Adoptionland, and I openly admit, I find this pitch incredibly offensive, for reasons I will gladly explain later, if asked.  For now, I wish to re-showcase the marketing tool used by a hotel in China and the toy company, Mattel.  There is an exclusive give-away given only to adopters who choose to adopt from and stay in China.  What's the "free" give-away?  A white Barbie Doll, named,

"WHAT are these AP's thinking?!?"

I've decided it's time I start a series titled, "WHAT are these AP's thinking?!?"  because the ignorance and "look at me and all I can do" AP orientation really rocks and astounds me, the angry adoptee who wants to help stop the insanity that perpetuates in Adoptionland.

However, I want this series to be open to all who find items in websites and blogospheres that raise the back-hairs and push the pulse over the 130 mark.

PAL -- more word-play

It seems from now on, those criticizing the adoption industry need to embrace the phrasology used by those adoption advocates who prefer to use Positive Adoption Language when they write/speak.  Away with child trafficking or illegal adoptions... they look very bad and are not the sort of phrases AP's will want to use.

a new word

The touched by adoption post got me thinking (oh my head hurts haha). What a stupid pathetic lame saying. It is something a saint would say seeing and believing adoption is a truly beautiful thing. Get real. When I think of the word touched I think touched by an angel (god I love that program) or 'touched' in the head, a scouse saying for someone who is nuts, the gentle brush of a butterflies wing in the summer time.

There must be a better word than touched... I need to think

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