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For the sake of the child, or the adoption agency?

This morning I read a very disturbing ad, brought to readers through Oregon Faith Report and the fine folks at Holt, Int.

Holt's take on orphans in foreign countries

Earlier I read an adoption-related article that began with the story of an adoptee who wanted to marry an older woman he loved...

More lies...

This an update to my previous posts  The lies  behind my adoption and My past legally erased

So, before starting, here is a summary of these posts.

I was 9 years old (korean age) when I lost my father; I knew my full ID informations then.

St. Paul’s orphanage kept no record of me (Holt was in charge of me from the beginning of my stay there).

Holt’s records:


I first wanted to put a title like "I feel stupid" but after finishing to write it, I changed it to unbrainwashing.

After discovering the lies on my adoption records, my bullshit meter has been slowly destroyed by a bullshit-message that I believed during almost 25 years.

Humanitarian consideration case

After we landed in the land of fairy tales, my escort left me to an unknown American woman who took me to a room full of adults. Taking the babies, they were crying, laughing, talking aloud, and showing their new babies to each other. That's what my amother compared to giving birth because these women "were exactly like women giving birth to their babies" and she (my amother) also felt the pain of childbirth when she saw me.

My past legally erased

While the adoptees have to fight to access to their adoption records, I had access to mine at 11 years, only two years after my arrival. My adopters never tried to hide it from me, there was nothing to hide. My adoption record is only a piece of shit filled with falsehoods made up (legally) by an adoption agency and my birth certificate is also a piece of shit made up legally in the country of my purchasers.


My mom said that the destiny united us. She saw signs of that destiny in my body so different from hers. We both had a mole on our backs and we both had a small outgrowth of skin on our shoulders. She spoke more often of the latest sign. "A destiny… on her left shoulder exactly like mine, at the same place" she repeated.

Full spectrum

This week we started the First Annual Demons of Adoption Awards and among our nominees are some of the organizations that most flagrantly promote the separation of mother's and children. It is good we raise attention to those organizations and expose their methods and power. Yet the adoption industy is much larger than just the NCFA and Adoption.com.

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