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Easter House files moved to DCFS

When late March we wrote an update about the businesses of Seymour Kurtz, we could not have foreseen how quickly the information we presented would be outdated. Almost immediately after the publication we heard that Kurtz' offices had allegedly been raided by the FBI and later this summer we got news his agencies "Easter House", "Adoption World" and "Birth Hope" had finished operations.

Yesterday we received information that the Easter House records have been handed over to the Illinois Department for Children and Family Services. Those who want to find out more can call DCFS: 1-847-298-9096 ext 29.

Seymour Kurtz out of business?

While we can never be sure Seymour Kurtz and his adoption agencies will be really out of business until the man is dead and buried, today news arrived that indicate his organization is no longer in business.

Seymour Kurtz: an update

While Baby Broker Watch already has a great page on Seymour Kurtz and we don't want to rehash too much of what is already written there, there was still an urge to find more about the current state of his activities. When perusing the website of the Georgia State Department to look up information about another agency, we accidentally stumbled upon his Golden Link Foundation and decided to look into the published documents.

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