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An American Adoption Plan: Made in China

The other day I was reviewing some articles about gendercide in China, the practice of forced abortion, and child trafficking, and I was thinking how these types of events help create complex adoption issues many foreign born adoptees have to face, especially if one was adopted from a chauvinistic society like India or China. It seems there is a sad irony that exists when foreign social activists fighting for human rights come to America seeking support and assistance from American politicians.

Barbie, as advertised in Adoptionland

Not too long ago I discovered a sales-pitch found only in Adoptionland, and I openly admit, I find this pitch incredibly offensive, for reasons I will gladly explain later, if asked.  For now, I wish to re-showcase the marketing tool used by a hotel in China and the toy company, Mattel.  There is an exclusive give-away given only to adopters who choose to adopt from and stay in China.  What's the "free" give-away?  A white Barbie Doll, named,

Advertising in Adoptionland, via the Internet

I am a sucker when it comes to anything adoption-related.

I will read just about anything I can get on my computer screen, which means, if adoption is mentioned on the Internet, I'm going to take a look, because I want to see what's being sold to the public.

Today's complaint, (I have many.... as people can see in my blog-collection), has to do with the Internet, infant adoption, and those who wish to earn a little money through family-planning and parenting purchases.

Adoption and Altruism

I've been thinking about the many ways in which adoption gets sold to the public, and one of my favorite misleading paths adoption advocates like to take is the one that teaches newcomers adoption is an altruistic decision, made by people who really care about the lives of children.

While there are various formal social studies/essays written about the stigma of Adoptive Parent and Birth Mother status, I found an excellent blurb that explained, very clearly, why adoption is altruistic from an evolutionary perspective. 

Warning: Free Searches/Services (with a hidden plan)

This morning I checked recent posts on the PPL pages and found a very nice blog-piece written by a person claiming to offer free services to those who lost a family member in El Salvador.  Note, no private email or PM was sent to myself, Niels, or Admin, asking if advertisement for a service for victims can be posted in a blog.


Executive compensations at adoption agencies

Most adoption agencies are registered as not-for-profit organizations and as a result are obliged to file executive compensations with the IRS. While the organization itself is not-for-profit, its executives can still make a startling amount of money for themselves. In that sense promoting an agency as not-for-profit can, and in many cases is misleading. In several situations the compensation of top executives at adoption agencies is essentially the profit made by the organization.

The table that follows lists compensations to adoption agency executives in the amount of $95,000 or more, including benefits and expenses.

A new spin to the old-style of celebrity adoptions?

According to tabloid accounts, the fathers of the children who starred in Danny Boyle's Slumdog Millionaire are wanting to cash-in the value of their star children.
There's Mohammad Ismail, father of  ten year old Azharuddin, who is quoted as saying:

In the name of trust and charity

During our "time-off", I have been researching the history of child abuse within various so-called safe havens for children, and how religion has hurt so many innocent people .

I have been reading blogs written by the abused and comments written on various websites, such as SNAP -- Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, .

How Much (and many) Can We Afford to Lose?

Ever wonder where the money comes and goes as it relates to social programs like Child Protective Services?

Ever wonder who's responsible for the creation of the individual social programs each government offers it's people, and how these programs reflect the care and concern a Public Servant has for the people he/she serves?

Not for Profit?

In our never ending quest for information about the adoption industry, we started plowing through the IRS 990 forms of the various adoption related organizations using the  website. We were already aware that the non-profit status of the organizations doesn't imply a non-profit attitude of the people working within those organizations.

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